Dating: Body Language Signs of Love and Affection

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Top 10 Body Language Signs of Affection

There is nothing new that you can easily discover, whether your new crush likes you using his or her sings of body language. Body language is a special combination of positions, gestures and sights that most people show unconsciously when they really like someone. That is why you might find out, what your crush’s feelings are without even asking.

Top 10 easy-to-understand body language sings that are the signals of affection

1. Smooth movements. When people are feeling comfortable and relaxed, they usually have slow and smooth body movements. On the other hand, if someone is feeling nervous, the gestures will be jerky and quick.

2. Eye contact. If you really like someone, you are constantly staring of your crush. The same rule goes for most people: if you often look at each other, you might already have this magical chemistry between you two.

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3. Your partner’s feet are pointed towards you. This is one of the simplest signs of body language. However, if his or her feet are turned away, your crush might really want to leave.

4. Leaning. When someone likes you, they will lean towards you. The matter is that in this case your new crush allows you to come into his or her private space that is a bright sign of trust and affection.

5. Light touches. Touching you accidentally is probably one of the brightest signs of attraction.

6. Touching your face. Still hesitate, whether your partner likes you! If they touch your hair or face, then they are already into you!

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7. Copying the gestures. When people are attracted, they copy the gestures of each other. This is usually made not on purpose, but also unconsciously.

8. Smile. Smiling is a bright sigh that your partner is happy and he or she really likes you. Grumpy face has nothing common with attraction.

9. Turning the whole body towards the person. If you are in the group of people, pay attention to their poses. Each one is likely to be turned to someone they like.

10. Changing the voice. When women talk to someone they are attracted, they usually speak with a softer tone. Men are likely to talk with deepen voice. Although this sign is difficult to detect, it is also one of the flags of mutual attraction.

All in all, if you face with some difficulties while reading your partner’s body language, just try to listen to your gut. You heart never lies!



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