Flirt vs Tease: What’s the Difference?

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Teasing Flirting: What Is It?

The importance of flirting in human relationships at this point cannot be undermined. Flirting is important in any relationship at this age. It is more like the foundation the relationship was built from. Flirting is more like signals, gestures, and signs we give out intentionally or otherwise. Most of the times, these signs are intentional and for a reason.

Flirting is a way of hinting at something to someone without really saying it. It is a subtle way of saying you are interested in someone. This is better than actually dropping the bombshell immediately because it allows you to review the situation with the person. It allows you to know how your situation with the person stands beforehand. It is also important to know how to read the cues someone gives when you are together. That way you won’t miss the opportunity of going out with an amazing personality because you were blind to see their actions.

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Teasing, on the other hand, is just a way of poking fun at someone. It is a way of making fun of one another in a good way. It is a way of making yourself as playful as possible. Teasing is one of the aspects of flirting. Teasing flirting is the act of making fun of a person in order to playfully provoke then and to also facilitate getting to know them easily. It is all about finding the right balance to get the best out of both. While we might ask ourselves “is teasing flirting?” it is important to know that teasing can also be used to embarrass another person in an overly unfriendly manner. Thus it is important to know that teasing is not necessarily flirting. In fact, teasing is just a way of being playful and light-hearted in order to ease someone into talking with you if they are strangers. Between friend, it is just a way of having fun at each other’s expense.

Flirting is actually more related to sexual advances to a person in a way that makes shows either of you is interested in the other. If done to a stranger, this might make the person flirting come across as being rude or aggressive. Thus the reason for tease in flirting. There are a lot of guys who after introducing themselves and asking to know you more by following up end up turning to tease. They do this because they know you both just met and there is no way they want to be seen as needy because they were caught flirting with you. You ever wonder “is he teasing or flirting with me?” Especially when you just met a guy? The truth is he is probably interested in you but wants to know how you handle things hence the reason for teasing before flirting.

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Both parties in a relationship engage in flirting and teasing. It is always difficult to know if someone wants to flirt with you especially if you do not know them at all or very well. Teasing, on the other hand, is very easy to spot. As long as you find the two of you giggling together, someone is either being a comedian of the two of you or someone is teasing.

Things to Watch Out for to Understand if He is Just Being a Ridiculous Tease or Actually Flirting

1. He leaves his friends

This is a pretty obvious way of knowing the intentions of a guy who flirts with you. If he is ready to leave his “wolf pack” just to get in a few words with you, there is a high chance he will flirt with you to make you know he is attracted to you.
In addition, if he is really interested in you, he would leave his friends to go to some other place with you. He can do this in a teasing way just to show you he means no harm.

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2. Compliments you

This is where it gets interesting. Flirting also relies on complimenting. In fact, it is one of the ways a guy or lady can hint at having an attraction to someone without coming out as needy. Flirting is about showing the second person you are interested in that you notice even the smallest details about them. These small details are highlighted when you compliment them. He or she would want you to know he appreciates what he is seeing.

3. His relationship status

If he is flirting and actually interested in you, he is going to make sure he lets you in on his relationship status. He is going to tease yours from you no doubt. If he does this, i.e. tells you his status, he wants you to know he is interested in setting up a real date with you.

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4. Asks you out

This depends on the guy. Teasing or no teasing, he is either going to man up, make eye contact and tell you he wants to go on a date with you. He is going to say this if he wants to see you again. He will want to show you, even while he is flirting, that he wants to try out with you and see if it works out.



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