Flirty Bets to Make With a Girl

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Betting is quite adventurous especially when you are doing it with a girl. It turned out quite an exciting journey to go and get more interesting when you are going to bet with a girl you really like. To make her closer to you, you need to figure some good flirty bets to make with a girl. This is because: she cannot understand what you are feeling for her unless she gets your hints and impresses with you. Betting is really a cool way to challenge a girl to express you in a way which is truly witty and exciting.

You have to find those bets which make her fall for you, interested in you. Such cool tricks can make her attraction towards you. These should be not some cheesy lines or might be if that is the whole point of that. Here are some flirty bet ideas to make with the girl in the most exciting and gentleman way.

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Flirty Bet Ideas to Make With a Girl

1. Loose bets to get her for dinner

This is pretty much those initial moves required in any first-time approach. When you start talking to her, make sure you are polite and confident or at least be good. Try to put into conditions where either she has to take you for the dinner or you have to go for dinner. Both ways, you are going to get that advantage to spend the evening with her on dinner. Dinners are a very important step in such romantic gestures. Make sure you fulfil your bet and make these dinners more like dates.

2. Ask for dance, bet her to dance with you

This is all-time working flirty bet ideas where you must make the girl dance with you. It is the most romantic gesture to make with a girl but first, you need to gradually spark the chemistry. Be the person, she can be excited about. Even if it is very much hard to predict girls but every girl like sensitive, smart and confident guys. Try to be more intensive with dance. Touch her if she is feeling you and granting you the permission to come forward.

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3. Bet to Kiss her

One of the interesting flirty bets to make is to kiss her after some time of your dating. It can be even on your first date and actually it is better. You should start giving hints to her about that. Tell her if you can make her hands turn over without touching them, you get to kiss her. When she does and stick her hands in front of you, you just say ‘no, another way up’ on which she will turn her hands. You can beautifully trick to kiss you even if you lose. It is a bit humorous and smart well. This is a good flirty bets to make with a girl when you are dating her.

4. Surprise her in an intimate way

Well, surprising her can be just among good flirty bet ideas but surprising in an intimate way so she can confine herself to you, is bit tricky and should come from your heart and after a bit time. Try to bet her do something personal or share something personal of yours, share some memory or fun thing to do. So intimate that it can break the boundaries of little hesitation. This can be the most emotional and intimate flirty bets to make with a girl.

5. Trick her to seduce you

You can surely go ahead and try that little cute touch to arouse her or feel for you. And that really works too but it will be really interesting to watch how you make her seduce you. Obviously, that can be something, she also wants. So it is a great way to get into her mind as well. Tell her to seduce you where if she cannot then you have to do that, otherwise you lose. Challenges come with the suspense which girls always love. It is one of the exciting flirty bets to make with the girl.

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6. Cook for her

It is one of the sexiest things you can do impress her. This also portrays man to least a dedicated man with respect to women and best as a sensitive and caring person. And a lot of intimate stuff goes in the kitchen too. So it is great to place to be In that case. This can be a good flirty bet to make with a girl. Make sure you seem that you lose the bet to make food her as that is a more smart and beautiful gesture to do.

7. Stare her, touch her, and compliment her

This can be a very good bet where you fall her to just stare at her for a long eye locks. Just try to smile to her, giving her hints. Touch her in a way she truly admires you and connects with you. Give her real hints that you into her. Bet to lose with her so she can feel special all the time and register your true nature. Well, you can compliment her as much you can but that simply not going to work. It should be bit cringy, quirky, sexy and bit smart as well to make with a girl after that. These can be some real flirty bet ideas to make her fall for you.



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