Meaning of Lasting Eye Contact

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The Levels of Eye Contact That You Must Know

There are different assumptions and questions when it comes to how long does eye contact last if attracted, well you must know first the levels as it will help you in categorizing it and then you can get the meaning too.

Level -1: Trying to make no eye contacts

Well, the level -1 is the height of someone is getting bothered by the stares. Here not just the person is trying to avoid your eye contacts but trying with all consciously to look at you. It’s a message which says he or she is not interested in you and your staring is making them uncomfortable.

Level 0: No eye contacts at all

Someone is not making any eye contacts with you which mean they are not aware of your presence. Or maybe you are not that important in the room. However, it can be because they are doing something important and you are disturbing.

Level 1: an unconscious glance

Human eyes have a tendency to wander, and sometimes they are not even aware when they make eye contact with someone else. It stays for a moment and starts again it’s wandering. So if your crush met your eyes and then start looking somewhere else then doesn’t get too excited as it was just an accident.

couple staring each other in eyes

Level 2: Glance with conscious

The next level when someone looks at you without knowing, but he or she finds you interested enough to look one more time. If they again break the contact, then you should read the body language. Well, Most of the time if someone is finding someone attractive, their body language change as well.

Level 3: Glancing but breaking in a half minute

It’s the level when you get the message that the person is interested in you even it’s just a little bit. Sometimes human eyes find something, so it takes time to break the eye contact even in reality they moved on already.

Level 4: Double Glance

However, still, there are some cases where people don’t get when they are looking at someone for a long time. If someone already crossed ‘how long does eye contact last if attracted’ section then they will look at you one more time. It’s a sign where you can receive it warmly. Human mind finds it difficult to break the contact when it finds something attractive, so the eyes will keep connecting to you.

couple staring each other in eyes on street

Level 5: Gazing

It’s the biggest sign if someone is interested in you, that’s why you should at least hold the gaze for 2 or 3 seconds to understand how long should comfortable eye contact last. It can be a clear sign for you; if you are not interested, then it can turn creepy too.

Level 6: Gaze with a smile

Count this level as the height of how long should comfortable eye contact last, it clearly tells that the person is interested, find you attractive, and with the smile, it’s a sealed deal. You should approach them at least so you can know how far things can go. If not, then you are probably suffering from anxiety or can’t hold eye contacts.

Level 7: Keep staring with smiling

Well, here the person is not just holding your eye contact, but smiling and also not stopping. The eye stays at you for minutes and even more than that. It’s the best sign that you can get for knowing how long should comfortable eye contact last as it shows the extended and possible way of showing through eye contact. It’s also a moment where you should respond and act.

Level 8: Dreamboat staring

prolonged eye contact between a man and a woman

How Long Does Eye Contact Last If Attracted?

Well, it should be level 8. Here it simply means that the person is fallen for you. This stare is not even the eye contact; it’s the dreamy looking like someone stayed up all night. However, it’s the rarest one which only happens when you are in a relationship, and it completed a few months.

What Should You Know About Engaging Eye Contacts?

Well, eye contacts maybe seem not that important or casual, but actually, it’s not. There are lots of things which are hidden behind the eye contacts. Also, it’s important for people to understand the levels, so they don’t turn up as creep or pervert. It’s essential to hold a strong eye contact instead of uncomfortable one.

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Also, if you are too shy then don’t miss the opportunity, and for that, you should practice holding the people glances. For that, you can go outside and try to meet people’s eyes. Make sure you don’t look away too quickly but also be careful not to cross the creep line either. When you are talking to whom you like or have interest, then try to shift your eyes looking their one eye to another slowly. It’s comfortable, and also it shows that you are enjoying your conversation.



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