Tips on How to Make A Man Respect You


To make him respect you, you need to learn first what makes a man respect a woman. The respect is earned and how to earn is the basic fundamental.

There are many reasons why a man can respect a woman and there are some common reasons why a man respects a woman. Respect is something every girl wants from a relationship or a man. Don’t think you are the only one who is seeking respect, everyone wants respect. It’s very natural to think like this.

Ways to Make a Man Respect You:

1. Respect yourself first

Whenever you want someone to respect you, first ensure that you respect yourself too. As another person treats us the way we treat ourselves. So, it is very important to respect yourself, especially in front of him.

2. Know your worth

You need to know your worth, only after knowing your worth yourself, you can make another person realize your worth. When a man gets to know your worth, he will surely respect you and treat you accordingly.

3. High standards

Always keep your standards high. A high standard woman always gets a man’s respect. Make good choices in your every decision. So, make him realize that you have your standards high and you will not tolerate any disrespectful behavior from his side.

4. Don’t chase a man

Do not ever chase a man, as chasing a man will reduce your worth. While chasing a man, he will start taking you for granted. This shows how emotionally dependent you are in a man. As a result, you are losing your respect from him.

5. Be willing to walk away

Always let him know that you are willing to walk away when things can get wrong. Create fear in his heart of losing you. In this way, he will always behave properly and will not ever misbehave with you in any situation.

6. Don’t let him treat you badly

Don’t ever let him treat you badly, whenever you will let him disrespect you, then next time he will go to the next level to disrespect you. So, at the beginning make him understand that you will not tolerate any misbehavior from his side.

7. Pay your bills

Be ready to pay your bills and be independent financially. A woman financially independent gains respect from everywhere. This shows the world that you are not financially dependent on anyone and can manage yourself in any condition. This will not make a man superior in a relationship financially and both of you will come to the same platform and gain a position of 50%.

8. Don’t be too needy

A needy girl can never gain respect. Don’t ever be a needy girl. Due to this, you will become dependent on him and you can’t do anything in a situation when he doesn’t fulfill your needs. He can also disrespect you in that condition. As I said before be independent financially so that you don’t have to depend on anyone financially. Not only financial, in other ways too, don’t be needy.

9. Set boundaries in a relationship

Always have some boundaries in a relationship. Let him know your boundaries and your likes and dislike so that he can never cross that boundary. Boundaries are very necessary for any relationship. This shows a man how respectful and intelligent you are. And you know what is right and what is wrong for you. A woman with boundaries set always gains a man’s respect.

10. Respect him too

You are seeking respect from him that doesn’t mean you can disrespect him. Whenever you want respect from someone that means you need to respect the other person too. You cannot ask for respect yourself while disrespecting others.

11. Let him know how to treat you

Whenever you feel like he is not treating the way you should get treated. Then let him know at that point, how you want to be treated otherwise you are not going to be with him. Communicate properly about how you want to be treated, even after telling him if he doesn’t mend his ways then you can let him go.

12. Put your opinions in front of him

Don’t ever be afraid to put your opinions in front of your man. If you do not agree with him in any case, then let him know what you think about the same. By showing him that you cannot always agree with him and you can have your opinions too, he will respect you more and towards your opinions too.


So, these are some steps you can follow to make a man respect you. If still, a man can’t respect you or treat you accordingly than don’t worry its not your fault. You don’t need to think like you are not worthy of his respect. In this case, you can just follow the final step which is walking away from him. Don’t talk to him again and keep a distance from him. Even after following these steps, he can’t respect you, then he is not worthy of love and affection from your side too. Leave him that’s it!



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