Tips on How to Make Dirty Bets with Your Boyfriend

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Love life is fun when you have a hoard of things that you can do. There are always ups and downs in relationships but that does not mean that you cannot have some good time together. When good times come, you should make the best out of them to make your partner happy and keep on yearning for more. Making bets with your spouse creates some erotic moment that the partners cannot resist.

Tips Before Starting Dirty Bets with Your Boyfriend

Before you can embark on making it you need to understand that there are limits that you should not cross. Some dirty bets can create uncomfortable moments or lead to anger. So you should focus on erotic moments that will only leave your partner stimulated and happy rather than sad or uncomfortable. That is where having knowledge of your man comes in. Knowing him first will let you know what he likes and what he does not like. That will then let you know the nature of dirty bets that you can make with him.

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Ideas for dirty bets with your boyfriend do not come easily. Just relaxing and hoping that things will fall in place will not help. You have got to do some extensive research on the nature of dirty bets that you can make with your man. If the internet does not help, consulting your friends is also okay. After all, what are friends for?

From the options that you are given, you are the one to choose the best for your man. After all, each of the bet will depend on the nature of your man. Luckily you have a hoard of resources that you can research from and gather as much information as you want. We bet that the internet is the best source for a wide range of information. Just be keen with the information that you gather because some of it might do your relationship more harm than good.

You also have to be very creative. Yes, creativity in every game is the key. Avoid those boring moments of similar bets every day where you know that your man will always lose and he will have to do something fun.

Make sure that there are equal and fair opportunities for everyone. This motivates him to participate in the bets every time you talk about it.

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Making a bet with a guy can be fun especially if the guy is so much into you. Mostly, he will be doing everything to please you. At times, he might even not want to disappoint you so he might lose on purpose. Think about the endless list of things that you can make him do when he loses. Just make sure that you do not embarrass him but at the same time come up with something creative that will leave both of you entertained.

The best bets to make with a guy you like always come naturally. There are a few instances when you are with the man that you like so you will have to make the best out of the moment. We do not know if your crush can fall under this category because the feeling might not be mutual. Liking someone does not mean that they like you equally in return so you will have to know the limit of your bets. Some bets might ruin your friendship if there were no strings attached. Happiness is the key but if you can achieve a lot more form these bets, your creativity will be appreciated.

It’s Time to Get into Action

You have to ensure that he is prepared for it rather than betting with a guy who is not even concentrating. Well, you know the charm that you use to make him concentrate so that will be upon you. Some of the dirty bets to make with a guy include betting that each one of you can pin the other one down for a considerable short period of time. After this, the loser will have to do something crazy or erotic that you will agree upon.

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Another good bet that can be done in such a romantic time is betting that you can withstand being tenderly rubbed under the feet for like a period of one minute. Well, you know how crazy that feels so you have got to withstand the pressure of feeling like you can scream or wet your pants. Of course, the loser will have to pay for it.

You can also bet that you will look deep into each other’s eyes. The one who winks first will be forced to do something fun. Moreover, you can make it more entertaining by betting that you will rub each other’s on the inside of the ear just by the earlobe with a tongue or feather. The one who moves the head will do something that had been agreed upon.



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