Type of Girls That Guys Like Most

a man touching face a smiling woman

Around the world, there exist some kinds of girls that always drive men crazy, physical attraction is just one of them. But there exist a number of beautiful girls with no trail of men following them. Could it be they are not doing what their counterparts are doing? Or what are the things that guys like about girls that are not portrayed by them?

What guys like about girls?

The plain face

A make-up kit is a very essential item on a majority of the girl’s dressing table. Very few can rust to the nearest market without tones of make-up. Anyway, who doesn’t want to look attractive all the time? Obviously not me. Makeup was invented in order to highlight the natural beauty. However, make-up artists have come up with ways of creating a Barbie doll out of Pheona. It was a good twist of creation until guys started falling in love with imaginary girls. The girl under makeup might turn out to be very different from the one a guy fell in love with. It is very awkward when you go swimming with your girl, only to come out of the pool with a total stranger.

Make-up disappointments have led guys to redirect their focus to plain-faced girls. With a plain face, a guy looks at a similar face every time. To win more guys, try to take care of your skin in order to keep it flawless. This will ensure you show your skin with confidence.

a man and a woman looking each other in eyes and smiling

The Comforter

Men have feelings too. Sometimes they get broken and feel dejected. At such a moment they need someone to talk to, someone who can assure them that all will be well. Unfortunately, most girls take relationships to be all about them. They want to be cared for, pampered and treated like queens. They never create time to reciprocate the care.
If you are the kind of girl that will be affectionate and empathetic towards a guy, you will surely win his heart.

Neat haired girl

Hair is a mark of beauty in any girl. Many guys get attracted to a girl’s hair. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your hair smart and neat at all times, you never know how might be staring at you. Hair is regarded as a woman’s natural crown. When you take care of your hair, it shows that it is a valuable asset. Keep your hair clean neat and styled. You will definitely attract a few guys along the way.

a woman with long dark hair and a man standing behind her

Boss lady

This is not in any way related to being bossy. It simply means you are confident and show that you are in control. A strong lady is an indication that she can manage any kind of responsibility in the event the guy is unable to, maybe because of sickness or death. A guy is confident that, even in his absence, his kids’ mother will step up to fill the gap.

The Flirt

Nobody wants to spend time with a boring person. Similarly, guys will look for girls with flirty qualities. However, it should not be taken overboard. A lady possessing this trait should be mature enough to identify the right places and moments for flirting. Even in an event that your boss is hitting on you, you cannot pull the flirty card during a business meeting. Know the different styles of flirting with different kinds of guys. This will be w winning situation since you can manage to flirt them without provoking them.

a man hugging a woman with engaged ring

The social butterfly

This type of girl will get along with different kinds of people so effortlessly. She will make new friends attend all parties in the neighborhood, socialize and make new connections where she goes. Once in a while, she will go on an adventure trip to explore other places.

This kind of guy can add a spark in your life. She will make a guy explore places he has never thought of. Due to the many friends she has, she will not feel lonely when the guy wants to enjoy his personal space alone.

Open minded

This type of girl will speak her mind whenever it seems necessary. It is quite an attractive trait as it shows a woman knows what she wants. However, it should be done with caution. Once your opinion is shared, it should remain an opinion until both of you reach an agreement. Forcing your ideas to be implemented will make you controlling and bitchy.

When you are being open, make sure you are not nagging. Avoid being so much of a complainer as it is a total turnoff.

a man hugging tightly a woman

The responsible one

This is an exceptional girl. A rare precious jewel. She takes her job or studies seriously. Every guy craves to be with her. She has her life well planned and strategies to achieve her goals well drafted. She makes calculated moves towards her destiny. She is not afraid of tackling challenges head-on, she only asks for assistance when necessary. She is very dependable. She makes a perfect companion.

The fashionista

This is the type of girl with a strong sense of style. She knows what to wear, and when. This type is fun to show her off as she will never disappoint. It is obvious no guy wants to step out with a girl layered with unnecessary pieces or garments



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