Types of Flirting Styles

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Five Main Flirting Styles

Physical flirting

If you are the type of a guy who his body does all the work when you are flirting then this is your style. You don’t have to say a word to the person you are crushing on so that he/she notices you are interested in him/her. All you need is to use your body language and a small physical touch and your crush will notice your sexual interest. If when you are flirting you usually love holding hands or touching the other person’s face, leg or even holding her waist, then physical flirting is your style. When a person who uses this style sees a person he/she likes, the first instinct is to walk towards the person and touch even if it’s just touching the hand. When alone in a room with the person he/she likes, instead of complimenting or saying anything, he will place his/her hand on the thighs, hands, shoulders, or knee to express his/her sexual interests. This is a great flirting style if the person you want to flirt with likes you too, but if that is not the case then it can turn out to be very annoying. The research revealed that people who use this style end up in relationships with more physical chemistry.

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Playful flirt

This is a flirting style that is very casual and it is usually fun for both parties. This style involves game-like interactions that make flirting seem like a sport. It is controversial though, this is because in most cases people who use this flirting style usually have little interest in romance. They just do it for the sake of flirting and without much interest in developing a relationship with the other person. For example, a person might use this flirting style to get out of a situation or to get a favor from the other person. Most people who use this flirting style are usually very charismatic and they are very hard to resist. If you are the type of a guy who flirts just for fun then this is your flirting style. This is a flirting style that usually doesn’t work well with people who are interested in serious relationships.

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Polite flirt

This is a perfect flirting style for people who are shy or introverts. The style usually exhibits proper manners and polite interactions. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a person is flirting or he is just being nice. This flirting style does not require you to use physical contact to express your sexual interests. It does not require you to use beautiful words to compliment the person you like or establish a strong emotional connection. It just requires you to be nice and let everything fall into place. If you are wondering what is my flirting style? Then this is it. It is a perfect flirting style for anyone who is interested in strong and lasting relationships. The disadvantage of this style is that you can invest a lot of time and the person you like won’t even notice you are flirting with her. She might think that you are just a nice and polite person.

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Sincere flirt

This is the flirting style that is used by most people. This style usually involves the use of compliments and spending some time with the other person in order to get to know him/her better and establish an emotional bond. A person who uses this style usually starts the conversation with the person he/she likes and finds a topic that they will enjoy talking about. This flirting style leads to strong and emotionally satisfying relationships. This is the most effective flirting style because even if you get friend zoned at least you will have made a new friend.

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Traditional flirt

Traditional flirt is the flirting style where it is expected that a man will make the first move while the lady relaxes and enjoys. Women who usually use this flirting style are usually passive and they expect the men to hit on them first. This flirting style is increasing in popularity especially in online dating sites and apps. A lady just creates an account and use an appealing display picture that will make the man make the first move. Women who use this flirting style loses an opportunity to hook up with men they like because modern men might misread and think they are not interested. Modern men prefer the lady to show equal efforts so that they can know they are on the right path.

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