Types of Kissing And Their Meaning


Forehead Kisses<3

This kiss has many indications but what it boils down to is “I want to protect you”. This is one of the sweetest gestures as there are no sexual expectations attached to it. All it means is you matter to me, let me protect you. Guys usually do this only to girls that they love and want to have around! It is performed by lightly brushing your lips across the upper part of the bridge of the nose.

The Peck Kiss <3

This form of kiss can mean a few things, he just wants to see if you open to kissing him. He wants to kiss you but feels a bit shy as he doesn’t know how you will respond or if you are even open to the idea yet. He is shy and letting you know he likes you by just going for it.

The Classic French Kiss<3

One has one meaning “I want to get to know you intimately”. It all depends on the duration of the kiss the passion behind the kiss and whether or not there is that all-important spark when you share that all-important French kiss. You will know what we mean if you experience it. Chemistry is important if there is nothing there when you first kiss then there’s no real reason to continue. If the kiss sucks the sex will be terrible so best to move on from this one.

Travelling Kiss<3

This kiss is one filled with passion and promise of what lies ahead! It starts on the lips as a few light-hearted pecks with mouths slightly open then can either travel all over the face or down your body. This is also known as the exploration kiss and usually is the build-up to sex. When your guy does this know that he is curious about you and want to know more. If you not ready for this kiss politely ask him to stop.

Neck Kisses<3

There is only one reason for this. This kiss leads to sex always the skin of the nape of the neck is highly sensitive on both guys and girls and simple light brushing strokes to this area will ensure that both parties are thoroughly aroused. Neck kisses mean “I want you, I want to be close to you, I want to feel your pulse quicken”. These kisses are some of the best you will ever experience and then add some light nibbling to get pulses racing. What a beautiful way to say “I want you. I crave you. Come here to be with me. Share yourself with me, let’s make magic together.”

Long And Slow Kiss<3

This kiss is a sign of pure love and devotion. It means that he enjoys kissing you and tasting you. It doesn’t get better than that he knows what he has in you and just wants you near him as close as you can get. This is usually a kiss filled with unbridled passion and oftentimes leads to sex! These kisses last long and are a combination of a few aforementioned, kisses and there’s also usually some neck action involved in this one so be prepared to have all your senses ignited!

‘Does He Know What He’s Doing?’ Kiss

This kiss is no fun it is sloppy and went and makes you feel as if a Saint Bernard has just licked your face. Some guys never get the basics right and because no-one has ever told them they cannot kiss properly they just carry on opening their mouth too wide and trying to inhale you. Be gentle though with these guys. Direct them on how you would want to be kissed. Some guys don’t know that they are bad so if you come across this type of guy try and show him a better way of kissing you. Kissing is a basic trial and error. You would rarely find an individual that can kiss you the way you want to be kissed! Also, gauge the mood some times light pecks work more for these guys they the passionate throw down make out session.

Final thoughts<3

Kissing is an intimate exchange and should be filled with chemistry and that of passion. No person should have to live their life with bad kissing There are many types and ways of kissing and how to do them but the romantic type of kissing is my favourite as it hints that there is promise in the future.



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