What do women want in bed: secrets of love and passion

picture women want in bed

What do women want in bed: secrets and easy prompts for awesome sex.

Sex is an important part of our lives. Your sex life might be really good, but there are still plenty of options to make it even better. What do ladies prefer to do in their bedrooms? How can you make your sexual relationship better? What do women want in bed: secrets and simple tricks will make your girl moan with pleasure!

– Long foreplay. The long foreplay is always a win-win for any girl. Either she might be tired or bored, starting with a relaxing massage, as well as kisses or hugs will definitely return her playful mood.

– Dirty talk. Most girls will never tell you they really love dirty talks, when having sex. Start with a couple of nasty words and see your lady’s reaction: she might run even higher.

– Kiss her neck and ears. The girl’s neck is one of the best places for long kisses and gentle bites. Sexual affection guaranteed!

– Be spontaneous. Having sex in bed might become routine. Try to have sex with your beloved one at random places to elevate your sex life to the new level.woman wants

Try new things. Your lady surely has some secret desires. Not to mention, most women dream about rough sex. Have you heard about “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Plenty of great BDSM ideas for you two are collected in one single movie.

– Grab her ass. We all know you are going crazy about her ass. Just grab and hug it as much as you wish; it is always incredibly sexy.

– Cunnilingus. Oral sex is a thing almost all the ladies really like. Study some simple techniques, use your tongue and lips and she will definitely have an unforgettable orgasm.woman orgasm

– Play with her boobs. Most girls really love that trick. However, if your lady is feeling tickled, just move to another area of her body.

– Use her vibrator. She will show you her secret techniques to have a bright orgasm. Is not it intimate and really cool?

– Make compliments and tell you want her. If you go crazy about her lips, tell it! She will appreciate your compliment and become hotter.

– Ask what she likes. Don’t be afraid to talk when having sex. You will know your partner better and achieve brighter sexual pleasure.

– Read your girl’s body language. There might be some things she is still ashamed to talk about. Just feel her and read her body language to have an awesome sex right now and always.



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