A woman’s secret: what secrets do most ladies keep from their men?

woman's secret

A woman’s secret: what girls are hiding from us?

Everyone has his/her own secrets. However, women still have much in common concerning some things that should be better left unsaid. A woman’s secret: what issues most women keep aside from their partners? Let’s find the truth!

  • Her best friend knows everything. Women are very communicative and talkative by nature. They often share private things with their best friends.


  • Ladies avoid telling the real prices for their clothes and beauty procedures not to shock their partners.
  • Former sexual partners. Most women will never tell you the true story of their sexual life. This also concerns the number of her sexual partners.
  • Girls want her boyfriend’s friends like her. Most women want to be attractive. Furthermore, they really want to seduce your friends to make you want her even more.
  • All women need some free space. Although she might complain that her man is going to hang out with his friends, she might be really glad to stay alone for a while, watch soap operas, listen to her favorite music or share a bottle of wine with her girlfriends.

womens drinking

  • Girls often compare their current boyfriend with her former ones. Either you have a serious relationship or just an affair; the majority of women compare their partners.
  • Masturbation is one of the hottest secrets any lady usually has. Yes, she often does it when her boyfriend is away.
  • Women may date guys for sex only. Despite this is considered to be mostly men’s ‘sin’, girls can often date for just having great sex. Nothing personal here.
  • Ladies often fantasize during sex. She might imagine something really hot that makes her turned on. However, most women will never tell you about that.
  • Most girls like when you are feeling jealous. Although a female might look like she is annoyed, but the secret truth is that she likes it! However, do not overdo with being jealous or providing extra control over her.
  • Many girls google ex-girlfriends of their partners. They are just curious!
  • Ladies often discover porn stash of their boyfriends, but never confess about their findings. They just want to study beloved one’s preferences and amaze them in the bedroom!


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