Women flirting secrets for men. Flirting basics for men

secrets of flirting

Women flirting secrets for men

My dear gentlemen-readers, today I am going to share some more sacred flirting tips with you. I do not consider myself a Guru, but I am quite popular with men…And it always has been so. I will tell you that not every girl knows how to flirt properly. Flirting is a kind of art.

Features, which help a woman be attractive to men, are the ability to hypnotize with her eyes, to seduce, to flirt and all these are considered inborn.  What is actually required from a girl?  Only an ability to develop her own talents.

It should be never forgotten that men are hunters. This is predetermined by nature. A guy will not flirt with ANY girl. An indispensable condition for him – he MUST like her.

So what girls do to attract a guy? Their sleights are simple, simple as Bible translated into Chinese.

The tactics vary depending on the aim of the flirting. If a girl’s aim is having fun only, she will 100% succeed. If her goal is serious relationship, it may require additional efforts. So what girls exactly do to attract a guy?

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Basic flirting secrets

  1. They show him they are interested.Guys are not fortune-tellers. Their intuitive right brain hemisphere is less developed than women’s.

2.They magnetize him with their eyes. Your eyes are your flirting weapon number one. We have always been told that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

Eyes reflect everything, every trifle and cannot be deceived.

  1. They smile.

Smile is the #2 secret weapon of flirt. A smiling girl is always a centre of men’s attention…Good mood and positive attitude are something no one can resist. A depressed girl will never make you happy with her smile. And there is no fun staring at a vinegar countenance.

The flirting trick that men usually cannot resist

Very often men cannot resist a girl who has a good sense of humor. In Egypt men say that a woman who understands your jokes is worth ten camels. Of course, I am joking, guys…The times when women were exchanged for animals are left in the past. But your date’s sense of humor will matter. Please, no boring talks about the weather and currency rates. Also, keep in mind that not every girl is

an expect in soccer or pool. Try to choose an everyday, down-to-earth topic. It is OK even to discuss a soap opera. The main thing for you both is to feel comfortable with each other.

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You will be definitely curious if there are any forbidden tricks that girls use. Yes, definitely there are.

The most popular among the forbidden tricks is trying to make a man jealous! Don’t suspect her if she spends extra 15 minutes in a beauty salon or fitness centre. She might be just rattling your nerves trying to find out what is your true attitude to her.

Be patient and give her some private space. There is no need to call her eight times a day and monitor her accounts in social network.

Be aware that if a girl feels that her partner’s interest to her is lost completely the best card is leaving him immediately and unexpectedly. A girl can disappear for a couple of days, do not reply calls and send no messages. Then she calls back in a couple of days and innocently tells you how busy she had been and how she missed you. Of course, if she is doing this too often you may be tired of her. And it would be better to ask yourself if you need Her in your life at all?

No matter what flirting tricks you use, please not forget about your intuition and common sense.



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