10 things men want in a relationship

10 things men want in a relationship

10 important things men want in a relationship with beloved woman

There is a stereotype that, coming home from work, ideal woman should clean the house, cook a dinner, do her hair, put on a seductive dress and high heels and wait for a husband by the door. In fact, everything is much easier. First of all, a man seeks for peace of mind. Sincere support can inspire much better, than a bright lipstick and lace lingerie (although it is not recommended to forget about this too). In this article you can find 10 things men want in a relationship.

1. Respect

It is the acceptance of his experience and knowledge, a system of values, family attitudes and household habits. A wise woman does not try to change her partner. Respecting the man in public and sorting things out with him only in private are obvious.

2. Trust

Men rarely share secrets with surrounding people, so it is extremely important for them to know that a beloved woman will not tell something about him even to close friends and relatives. She should not spy on him by checking his emails and messages. Such behavior is humiliating.


3. Support

There are days or even periods when everything is going wrong. Problems with health, friends and parents, car repairs, difficulties at work can happen simultaneously and may become a hard blow to a man. Positive emotions and support in difficult situation maybe the most important of the 10 things men want in a relationship.

4. Personal space

A man has the right to live a full life. Husband and wife do not necessarily should go everywhere together. Two self-sufficient people may get involved in different activities. There is no need to force each other to participate in affairs of no interest.

5. Gratitude

The next of 10 things men want in a relationship are words of praise and gratitude. Owing to them guys feel like real heroes, the knights of their beautiful ladies. The more a woman praises her partner, the more feats he wants to perform for her.

6. Fireside comfort

Clean apartment, delicious food, washed and ironed clothes… Any husband will be grateful to a wife who provides him with comfort. The house should become a quiet and cozy place, where man can relax after a busy day.

Fireside comfort

7. Beauty

Of course, a woman will not walk around the house in an evening gown. But she should wear clean and neat clothes, be in shape and use at least minimum set of cosmetics. If a woman loves herself the man also admires her.

8. Tenderness

Hair stroking or a sudden kiss on the cheek can give a man joy and a sense of own value. Any guy is pleased to feel that girlfriend loves and wants him.

9. Fidelity

This quality is very important for men. Every man wants to be with a girl, who does not flirt with other guys. Even if the situation becomes complicated, woman should be by his side and strive to overcome difficulties together.

10. No manipulation

The last but not the least of 10 things men want in a relationship is the absence of pressure from the girl’s side. A woman should not provoke a man to make responsible steps before he is ready to achieve personal benefit.




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