Is period sex a big deal? The benefits of period sex

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Is period sex a big deal? Can you combine sexual intercourse and menstruation?

Many people still consider having period sex as something odd and even dirty. However, if both of you are full of desire during her “these days”, why should you give up on pleasure? Is period sex as good as a common intimacy? Is period sex a big deal? Surely, not! Below you will find a list of benefits of having sex during her menstruation.

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  • Most ladies find sex during menstruation great, while guys still not feel any significant difference between non-period and period sex. However, some ladies might still feel uncomfortable and anxious about making your sheets dirty. This way, the lady might not be able to relax and orgasm. Just talk to your partner to find out, whether this kind of sex is acceptable for her.
  • Saving money. You do not need any additional artificial lubrications when having period sex. That is why there is no need to drop to the local pharmacy, she already has everything both of you usually need.
  • No mess. Period sex is usually not as messy as you might think. Is blood a really big deal? Just prepare a couple of towels or spare sheets in advance. Do not forget about condoms, since period sex might also lead to pregnancy or STD.
  • Higher sexual arousal. There is nothing new that many women experience higher sexual arousal during “these days”. If a lady becomes incredibly horny and sensitive, you definitely need to try this kind of sex at least once.

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  • No cramp-like pain. If the girl often suffers from cramp-like pain during her period, orgasm can easily alleviate it. The release of dopamine and oxytocin, the natural chemicals that are usually released during orgasm, will also elevate lady’s mood and make her happier.
  • Shortened period. Having orgasm during “these days” make blood come out faster, shortening the period of menstruation. Having frequent intercourses might reduce the length of the period for up to a couple of days.
  • You can easily clean everything after having pleasure. There are no tons of blood during the period. Therefore, it is not messy. Seriously.


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