Dating a single woman with kids

Do men date women with kids?

Do men date women with kids?

Quite often guys fall in love with girls who have children from previous marriage. Is it reasonable to build relationships with such women? Why do men date women with kids? What is good and bad in such situation? Find out the answers below.


Men date women with kids because of the following factors:

  • Most likely, the girl is not barren, so you can have your own child.
  • Most often, such women are more sex-driven. There is a rule: the more intimacy was in her life, the more she wants. Plus she has experience and skills.
  • If a woman managed to get in shape after pregnancy then, with a high degree of probability, she will quickly get in shape after giving birth to a second child.
  • Many girls strive to give birth to their firstborn in their youth. Sometimes this desire is so powerful that a woman can get rid of a man who does not share her views. Moms do not often want to have another child in the near future, for example, up to 25 or 30 years.
  • While communicating with her child, woman reveals her positive (love, caring, tenderness) and negative sides (quick temper, irritability and selfishness). If after a while you start living together, you will have to put up with these qualities.
  • Such women know how to manage a budget to have enough money for herself and the child. If she does not accept any financial support from parents or any other sponsors, this is a very good sign.
  • When you decide to register your relationship, she will be ready to perform all the formalities modestly. The wedding may be cheap and small. Perhaps you can limit yourself to a quiet visit to the registry office and a dinner with relatives and close friends.
  • She is mature enough to solve many problems on her own.
  • One more important reason for men to date women with kids: they surely cook well.

woman with kids


You should also be prepared to face some obstacles:

  • Even if a girl makes good money, she will not be able to work after the birth of a second baby.
  • It is necessary to get along with the child. If you do not like each other it is better to end your relationship with single mom. Otherwise, life is doomed to turn into constant quarrels and torments until your woman’s son or daughter leaves the parental home.
  • The kid needs his own room. That is why your flat should be spacious.
  • A baby can achieve most of your girl’s love, attention and tenderness. You will have to be content with very little.
  • Woman’s appearance can be far from perfect after pregnancy. Even if she has got rid of excess weight, the skin often loses its elasticity.

women with children

Now you see why do men date women with kids and what drawbacks it may arise. In any case, the final decision should be made by you. Much depends on life priorities and the person, with whom you are going to build relationship. If you are looking for an exciting short-term romance, the kid can spoil your plans. But if it is about the love of your life, the only person who can make you really happy, be a man and take responsibility.



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