How long do rebound relationships last for men?

rebound relationships

How long do rebound relationships last for men? The truth about rebound relationships

What does the rebound relationship mean? The rebound relationship is dating with another lady within a short period after breakup with your former crush. Can it really help you to forget your ex? How long do rebound relationships last for men? The answers below!

Most common reasons of a rebound relationship’s breakup

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Any rebound relationship is usually considered to be a short-term affair for a wide variety of reasons. First, it is usually aimed to substitute your former partner. This way, you will constantly compare your present girlfriend and your ex. Furthermore, your new crush will definitely have lower scores than your former girlfriend.

Second, a breakup often goes hand in hand with sadness and distress. How can you enjoy having time with your new girlfriend, while all your thoughts are overwhelmed by your ex. In this case, your new lady will definitely feel that you do not love her and are likely to offer you to drift apart.

Third, you will not feel the same love and desire to your new partner. In other words, people are always different and your new girlfriend will not have similar qualities as your ex.

Is a rebound relationship doomed to failure?

Certainly not. You still have chances that your new girlfriend will make you fall in love with her and forget your past. However, only 10% of rebound relationship transform into sincere feelings and true love. Although you can easily meet your soulmate when you are on the rebound, you are likely to have a delicate state of mind that will provide a significant influence on your thoughts and behavior.

How long do rebound relationships last for men? What are its benefits?

The rebound relationship might last as long as you need, usually from a couple of weeks to the couple of months. During this time you are likely to move to healthier lifestyle (going on a date in the park is much healthier than eating pizza and watching your favorite movie all alone), boost your self-confidence, mend your heart and prepare your mind for new awesome future.

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However, having a rebound relationship is usually unfair to your new girlfriend. If you want to forget your ex and relax with another partner, just tell your new girl that you are not looking for serious relationship.





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