How men “test” women before marriage: secret techniques

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How men “test” women before marriage: Secret tips and techniques.

There is nothing new that men and women are absolutely different. Thus, any relationship (and, especially, marriage) always comes through numerous ups and downs. How can you find out that your feelings are deep enough to have a happy family? How men “test” women before marriage? These tips and tricks will help you to find out, whether you are a perfect couple.

  • Get though any difficulties together. It is always easy to love and care about each other when everything is all right. However, can you stand any small difficulty? You might stick in a traffic jam or run out of gas somewhere in remote places and see your girl’s reaction. Will she blame you in all the problems? Or is she ready to help you and make tough decisions in any situation?
  • Stay together at least a month. Have you ever heard of PMS? Your girl might be really unbearable during some days of her period. Make sure everything is okay here.
  • Become ill. Is she going to take care of you, when you are ill or feel bad? Does she worry about your health? Can she postpone all her meetings with friends and stay with you for a while? You really need to know this!
  • Go camping on a nasty weekend. Marriage is not all the sunny days. Make sure, your beloved will not rave about bad weather on your weekend. If she cannot tolerate such a trifle, she can hardly put up with any serious "test" women picture
  • Test her patience. Try to miss lunch and then visit a restaurant with a really slow service for dinner. Will she be incredibly angry? Or will she wait for her meals with patience? You will need to accept this part of your lady, too.
  • Test her attitude to kids. If you want to have a family with more than two children, make sure your girl have similar plans of future. Can she stand other kids? Just take your little nephew on holidays with you and discover on how your lady can cope with young "test" women pict

Note: the girl you love might not pass all the points from the list above. If you really love your lady with all small imperfections, just make her proposal and be happy!



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