Do women date younger men? 7 simple tips on dating an older woman

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Do women date younger men: how to start dating an older woman

Love has no borders. You might easily fall in love with a woman, who has viewpoints, ideas and habits that drastically differ from your own. Moreover, your new crush might be even older than you. Do women date younger men? How to attract an older woman? Below you will find some tips on successful dating and seduction of older females.

  1. Make her notice you. Your self-confidence is the most important thing to start dating with an older woman. Make sure to have a perfect look, tidy clothes, stylish haircut, as well as to smell good. Body lotion or deodorant with “mannish” smell will also help.
  2. Pay her a compliment. However, do not use common compliments, like “beautiful eyes or smile”. She has definitely heard all these stuff before. Find some particular feature that makes her special and emphasize on its beauty.
  3. Be independent. The easiest way to impress an older lady is to show your independence and plans for future. If you are a college student, who wants to date a businesswoman, you might seduce her with your exceptional achievements in studies, work experience and global goals for future. However, make sure to make real plans.
  4. Have your own interests and hobbies. Hanging out with friends and watching movies are not considered as hobbies. If you go in for sports, enjoy healthy lifestyle or adore travelling, tell it to your possible match.
  5. Avoid being jealous. Do not constantly ask your lady, where she has been. Otherwise, she might think you are not mature enough for serious relationship with deep feelings and mutual trust.

  1. Become a leader. Although she is older than you, your woman prefers dating with leaders. So, make sure to plan your dates, make small surprises and make tough decisions by yourself.
  2. Use your advantages. Being younger often means having plenty of vigor and energy. Try new things together, show her new opportunities, excite your beloved one with an amazing future you can offer.

Note: avoid too many talks about her age. If you really like each other, is it really a big deal? Just spend more time together, relax and feel comfortable! Love is all you need!



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