How to ask a girl on a date: 5 steps to ask a girl out

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How to ask a girl on a date: 5 simple steps.

Asking a girl out is the beginning of almost all the relationships worldwide. However, many guys are not sure, how to ask a girl on a date and get a positive answer easily. We are here to dispel all your doubts and fears, attract a girl you like and ask your lady out with minimum efforts. 5 easy steps on how to ask a girl on a date are available below.

  1. Study the environment. In case you see a girl of your dream regularly (she is not a stranger in the bar, but she studies the same college, for example), try to find out if she is single. You might have a few friends, who know her better and can easily discover, if she is interested in dating. Not to mention, not all the ladies are ready to date with men, even if they are single. She might suffer from the unanswered love or just prefer other girls. Keep this fact in mind, too.
  2. Find out her level of interest. First of all, study her body language. Do you have an eye contact from time to time? Does she touch you “accidentally”? Your intuition will tell you if she is really interested in you.
  3. Make sure you have a perfect look. Take a shower, shave, clean your teeth, use deodorant and perfume and don’t forget about your nails. The clean clothes and shoes, as well as a great haircut are also vitally important in your challenging mission. Just be fresh, tidy and positive to raise your chances.ask a girl on a date pict
  4. Choose a perfect scene. If she is nervous before the exam or talking with her friends, postpone your proposal a bit. Make sure the girl of your dream is alone, has a positive mood, as well as she is feeling comfortable. Don’t rush even if you are ready for 100%.picture ask a girl on a date
  5. Be confident and prepare your speech in advance. Either it is usually difficult; try to look as confident as you can. Have a strong posture, smiley face and set your sights on success. She might feel your mood and is likely to answer “Yes” if you are talking with ease.


Note: Always be ready to get a rejection. Don’t ask any additional questions in case she refuses to go out. Just try to stay cool and relaxed. This way, the best answer from your side might be “No problem” or “That’s fine”.

Do not give up after your first rejection: you can find a real love with a second, third or fourth girl you ask!



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