How to ask a girl on a date over text successfully

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How to ask a girl on a date over text: 7 easy steps to success

Many guys often feel nervous to ask a girl of their dreams on a date in person. How to avoid being rejected? This way, you might ask your new crush to go out via social media or any messenger. How to ask a girl on a date over text? Follow these 7 easy steps to have a success!

  1. Start with a great first message. Just saying ‘Hey’ is definitely not enough. In case you are lucky, you might just receive her short reply. However, in most cases you will not get any respond at all. Make your conversation curious to attract her attention at once. Ask if she had already watched some popular movie or just drop a few words about some funny moments you two have had. Avoid creating a one-word text.girl phone
  2. Use your gut feeling. If you start texting, but feel that she has a bad mood for conversation, postpone asking her on a date. Perhaps, your lady is tired or had an argument with her friend. Just try to text her another time to receive a positive feedback. Otherwise, her negative emotional state of mind will spoil the beginning of your relationship.
  3. Keep up your conversation. If your girl is shy, ask questions about her hobbies or anything she likes. Make your conversation run smoothly. However, in case you receive little to no reply, avoid being too forceful.
  4. Move to dating talks gradually. Do not jump from one topic to another. Ask her out at the best possible moment; do not get too sudden or nervous.ask a girl on a date over text
  5. Ask her to hang out with friends. If you feel your new crush still hesitates, whether to accept your offer, ask her to hang out with a group of people. She can easily come with her best friend and you will come with yours. This simple trick will make the dating atmosphere more relaxed and easy going.
  6. Have a certain plan. The worst thing you can do is to get ‘Yes’ and then ask your lady, what she would like to do. This puts in an awkward position both of you. Have a few choices ready in case your new crush will not like your first offer.
  7. Choose the date and time you will meet. Ladies like when you arrange the first date by yourself and schedule it in a couple of moments.


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