How to ask a girl for a date?

ask girl about date

How to screw up your courage to ask a girl out?

This question is increasingly asked by guys and men. Nevertheless, this problem remains unsolved. The thing is that not everyone knows and understands how to invite a girl on a date. Therefore, today we will try to investigate this question and give you some useful advices.

The first thing you should do is to understand which girl you want to take out. You also need to determine the purpose of your meeting. Motivate yourself to succeed, achieve your goal and, as a result, it will be easier for you to deal with females.

It is necessary to prepare for a date

Imagine that asking a girl out is an exam and you should prepare for it in three steps:

  1. Think in advance, where you are eager to invite a girl. Do not wing it.

It is advisable to come up with different ideas. So, if a girl refuses to go to a restaurant, saying that she does not eat after 6 p.m., then, instead of being embarrassed and giving up, suggest her taking delight in spiritual food and going to a theater.”

  1. Consider the time and place of your meeting. It may be theater entrance, subway station, etc.
  2. Say the words you are going to tell your girl aloud several times. Does it sound great? Then, let’s go.

3 simple ways to ask a girl for a date

By phone. The main advantage of this method is that a girl will not see your face. It means that she will not understand that you are extremely confused. If you manage to sound confident, be sure that you have coped with a given task.

Do not start your conversation with inviting a girl on a date. At first, ask her how she is doing. Then, step by step, move on to her plans on a supposed day of your meeting. Do not panic; if a girl has given you a correct phone number, she has nothing against dating you.

date with girl

On social network. It is the easiest way to ask a girl out. You do not see how she responds to your message. She does not hear your trembling voice.

You can correct a text that you have written a lot of times in order to make it perfect. In general, it is a great choice for guys.

To get the agreement of a young lady, create an interesting message, which contains compliments, beautiful epithets, metaphors or verses.

Face to face. This is very difficult, because you cannot hide your emotions behind a phone or a computer monitor. Your girl will notice everything, your trembling voice, your shaking hands and knees, etc.

Now you are informed how to ask a girl out for a date. So, be confident, believe in yourself and everything will be okay.



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