10 Compliments Women Can’t Resist

Compliments Women Can't Resist

Top 10 Compliments Women Can’t Resist: Make your lady happier with ease

Paying compliments might not be such an easy issue as it seems to be at first glance. A successful compliment can easily lift mood of your beloved one, while unsuccessful one might lead to disputes and even damage your relationship. What are the best things you can tell your lady, when it comes to paying compliments? Find out a list of 10 compliments women can’t resist below!

  1. You look awesome. There is nothing new that most ladies spend plenty of time to have a better look. By paying compliments to her great sense of fashion or incredible hairstyle, you make her feel her efforts are not wasted.Women Can't Resist
  2. Your lips/hair/eyes are beautiful. All the women definitely know their most attractive parts of a body. If you pay attention to the evident things, such as hair, she might be just pleased. However, if you pay a compliment for some part she finds to be not perfect, she might easily think you really love her with all her little drawbacks.
  3. You have a perfect body shape. This compliment is suitable mostly for ladies, who are fond of sports. This way, your woman will be really glad to hear about her incredible legs and hardened press.
  4. You are funny. If you like your lady’s sense of humor, do not be afraid to tell it. In case your crush can easily make you smile, she might feel more special for you.
  5. You have built a successful career. Business ladies are usually proud if being successful in what they do. Make your woman feel you admire her success.
  6. You are a good mother. If you are already married and have kids, this simple compliment is probably the best one you can tell your wife. She will definitely appreciate your attentiveness.
  7. You are so hot. Most women pay much attention to look sexy and diversify your sexual life. Paying compliment to her sexuality and naughty tricks she does will elevate her confidence and encourage her for further cool sexual experiments.finger-in-mouth women model
  8. You make me happy. These simple words of gratitude saved thousands of families. No more comments needed.
  9. I could never leave you. Stability is a thing most females are looking for in marriage. Make her feel safe and secure!
  10. You are perfect to me. Just say that you love your lady from time to time. This will definitely make her the happiest person ever!


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