10 Fail-Proof Compliments that are Sure to Impress

Fail-Proof Compliments

Top 10 Fail-Proof Compliments that are Sure to Impress your Crush

Paying someone you like a compliment often becomes a really tricky business. How to impress your lady with no effort? What compliment will get her attention? First of all, forget all these cliché compliments, like ‘you are the most beautiful lady I’ve ever met’. The best way to seduce your girl is to pay her only unique compliments. Below you will find a list of 10 fail-proof compliments that are sure to impress any lady and make her want more.

  1. ‘I can learn so much from you.’ The easiest way to make a girl feel special is to pay a compliment to her outstanding intellect. If your crush is a real beauty, she has definitely heard compliments about her appearance hundreds of times. This way, focus on her intelligence and professionalism to attract her attention.
  2. ‘You are so hilarious.’ Show that you really like her sense of humor. Most guys miss this simple trick, but it will really amaze your lady and make her pay you more attention.
  3. ‘I trust you.’ This compliment might be useful for guys, who are already in relationship. You will establish a deeper contact with your girl if you tell that you completely trust her. Jealousy has never been a key to healthy relationship.
  4. ‘You have got such a nice hair (lips/eyes/anything you really like about her). All the ladies like to hear compliments to their outer beauty. However, it is better to tell her more specific compliments, related to some part of her body. Note: ‘Nice boobs’ or ‘Nice butt’ will make her disappointed or even irritated.secure date couple
  5. A compliment for anything your woman truly values. It might be career, sports or exceptional study results, just anything she finds important. Point that her skills are really great, and you will definitely get her attention.
  6. ‘You are not like anyone else.’ This way you emphasize her unique and bright personality. However, being ‘not like other girls’ is not a good alternative for the following compliment.
  7. ‘You are so hot.’ This compliment is the best option for the second, third or whatever date. Note: avoid telling your lady is sexy not to seem too focused on sex.
  8. ‘You are a really good friend.’ This simple compliment will elevate you woman’s mood and make her touched. Her heart will melt, what else will you need?
  9. ‘You look awesome today.’ Make sure not to pay compliments about her clothes or makeup, since it is usually too personal for any lady. Just tell her she looks great and enjoy her happy smile.reyting vody couple Relationship
  10. I prefer to spend time with you.’ This trick will show that you value your lady and will easily raise up her self-esteem.


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