25 of the biggest turn ons for girls

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25 of the biggest turn ons for girls: Make her feel weak at her knees

All the girls need attention, support and care. What is the best way to express your feelings? What secret guy’s techniques do most ladies really like? Find out a top list of 25 of the biggest turn ons for girls right here!

  1. Tell her she is beautiful. Simple? Sure! However, this trick is considered one of the biggest turn ons for almost all girls. Just call your beloved lady “my princess” or “my beauty” to make her feel special.
  2. Pay compliment to something non-physical. Is she incredibly smart? Building a successful career? Choose any of her skills or features to pay an awesome compliment.
  3. Be kind to strangers. If you are polite to waiters in the restaurant, shop assistants and other people whom you do not know, you will make your lady feel she is dating a true gentleman.
  4. Touch her knees under the table. Just heat up the things and have a hot night
  5. Remember the details. If you remember the date of her mother’s birthday or about her problems with boss, your lady will definitely feel you really value her.
  6. Make her laugh. Great sense of humor can easily make her fall in love with you even more.couple
  7. Whisper in your lady’s ear. Your warm breath can make miracles: just try!
  8. Give her a massage. Massage is an awesome option when need to relax, especially after a hard working day.
  9. Touch her hair. Ladies like that. It is absolutely innocent, but it really works!
  10. Give her gifts. Girls totally love surprises and little gifts for no special occasion.
  11. Make her breakfast. Bring her coffee and breakfast to bed from time to time.
  12. Add more chivalry. Open doors before her, hold her hand when crossing the road and do some things gentlemen usually do for their women.
  13. Be confident. Stay calm and confident, no matter what happens.
  14. Touch your girl gently. This simple trick will not only make her feel special, but also lead to incredible sex.romance
  15. Text her. Just drop her a few words to know how she is going.
  16. Cook her dinner. A candle-lit dinner is a must-do for any perfect man.
  17. Kiss and hug her often. Frequent physical contacts are very important for most females.
  18. Be patient. Girls are usually more emotional and sensitive than guys. Keep patience and calm her down gently.
  19. Smell good. Take a shower regularly and use some perfumes to make her want you even more.
  20. Carry heavy bags. Always help her to carry heavy bags.
  21. PDA (public displays of affection). Do not be afraid to show that she is your girlfriend on public. Just hold her hand and touch her gently from time to time.happy
  22. Take shower together. Water can easily become a real turn-on for both of you.
  23. Listen to your lady carefully. A good listener is a real treasure for most women.
  24. Be adventurous. Boredom is not a thing preferable by most females. Make some little crazy things for her!
  25. Establish a deep connection between you two. Share your thoughts, fears and plans for future to become closer.


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