5 ways to impress a girl: make her fall in love easily

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5 ways to impress a girl: easy steps to make her fall in love with you.

Do you want to impress one particular girl? Although you cannot make her fall in love with you in a matter of seconds, you can really become much more desirable to her and get her attention easily.

Below you will find 5 ways to impress a girl you don’t know well and become more attractive

  • Make some preparations. First of all, take a shower at least once a day, always use deodorant and clean your teeth. Even if you are a top model, the smell of your sweat will definitely turn away any girl. The second thing you need is clean and tidy clothes. Note: if you prefer the same style as a girl you like, your chances to attract her are doubled.
  • Be self-confident and polite. There is nothing new that all girls like good manners. Moreover, be respectful with everyone, not only to her. Think before you tell something: being a bully, making dirty jokes, as well as an odd sense of humor significantly decrease your appeal.
  • Pay her an in-place compliment. It could be her intelligence, style, laugh or whatever you like. Not to mention, beautiful eyes and shiny smile are on the top of the girl’s favorite compliments. However, avoid insincere compliments.
  • Don’t ignore her. Many guys still think ignoring girl’s texts makes them more desired and attractive in the lady’s eyes. That is absolutely wrong! Make her feel special, reply to her messages and offer your help, is she needs some. Moreover, don’t focus on yourself: listening is your key to success. If she shares her hobbies, views and plans more and more, she might fall in love with you even without noticing it.pict impress a girl
  • Pay attention. If you know each other enough time, make her small surprises and presents. Either it’s a classical teddy bear or visiting the concert of her favorite pop-group, everything is great.picture impress a girl

What should you do if she takes no notice of you?

Make sure she really realized your goals to date her. In case a lady still do not want to hang on with you, she probably do not like you. Although it might be painful, avoid being too persistent. Just spend more time for your hobbies, hang on with friends, visit new places and you’ll find your real love soon!



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