Birthday Surprises For Her

a man holding a lower and a present for a woman sitting in cafe

Great Ideas on What to Do on Her Birthday

1. Shower her with gifts

Showering her with gifts can be the only way that you can make up for forgetting about her birthday in the first place. Girls will tell you everything that she wants in a blink of an eye, you sometimes don’t even have to ask about anything. Girl’s presents can be so easy that it can be planned last minute.

Get her some makeup, girls adore the makeup part but don’t get her too much make up that she might think that you are only getting her that because she is ugly or there is a flaw with her. You can get her shoes, girls wear from heals which are 4 inches to flats, and you can get her anything that is in between, you can look at the night planned ahead and get her some shoes that go with it.

2. Be with her

All girls want in that big night of her life is for you to be around all the night, so that she can show you what her friends got her, or even to just look at you, yes they can be sometimes dramatic about some gifts, but this is normal and you should just shower her with love all night.

3. Forgetting problem

If you really forgot her birthday to the point where it can not be saved like telling her that you remember this all the time, complete that with an act, you can act for the rest of the day that you really forgot, but you have to plan fast enough that she will not suspect in the party that you forgot.
You can invite her friends at the moment and tell them that you forgot about them and make one of your friends tell them that he was invited two or three days ago, cause if you tell them that you forgot and that this is the last minute thing, she will know for sure.

4. Invitations

You can’t ever invite people through a text message saying that her birthday is today of 7. You have to make a good invitation so that when her friends show that to her, she will know that you thank all of it though and to know that you care enough to do that.

5. Take her on a romantic date

You can take her on a quiet romantic date before her birthday by one day because also she would want to spend it with her friends and family too. Get someone to play the violin while you have dinner together, tell her good things, like compliment her hair and shoes

6. Make a poem

You can make her a small poem and put it in the last gift she will open, you can write about how much you love her and how much she means so much to you, and that you can’t live without her.

7. Get to a spa

You can both go to a spa together, she would really love this idea, as it will relax her and she will be able to do that with the one that she loves. Or get her a massage coupon; massage is so good it reduces the stress level and helps with the blood cycle.

8. Appointment at the salon

This is the best gift that anyone can think of, girls want to change their hair color all the time, so you can just get her an appointment and make her change her hair color and get her hair done.

Also, you can pay for a facial cleaning process, this is what a girl always dreams of, they get a facial clean almost every weak to get rid of the dirt and oils in her face, so getting to have that for free for at least once can be so good. And also you can invite her friends over to go with her so that it can be a girl’s night.

9. Go watch the stars

You can take her on a small picnic or you can go camping together so that it will be so romantic, get your laptop and put a good movie on it and watch it through the night. Also while at it you can drink champagne and watch the stars, this can be the night of her life.

10. Take her to a trampoline place

There are some places where all you can do is just jump up and down n trampolines, this place can be so good to go and have fun, you can be spontaneous with her and act like kids again, because this is all she wants to do, to get young and play around, girls have hat small child in them that is just waiting to be released and this is the best way to do it.

11. Gifts

Throughout the whole gifts, you just have to tell her that you love her, this can be the most important gift, the gift is not about how much is it, and it is about how well you think of her and how much you love her. You can get a deck of cards and write on each card a reason that you love her, you can call it 52 reasons to love you. You can get her a box of all your photos together, cut and shaped in hearts. You can get her some red flowers all of them are real except one of them and put a card and say that you will love her till the last raised die. You can get her food; girls love food, but just put in mind that you can’t get her food if she is going on a diet. You can get her an essentials oils kit.



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