Creative Ways to Ask For a Date

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Every girl likes to feel special and want the guy to go out of the way to be more creative and charming. Girls appreciate the efforts, so don’t be afraid if your plan does not work out. If your intentions are pure and you really love the girl, she will notice your efforts and accept your love. A guy is under a lot of stress when he is asking someone out or when they are on their first date. That’s the only reason that guy delay the proposing part until he has the courage to pour his heart out in front of his soul mate. One thing a guy must know that they should never wait to express their emotions to the girl. If the guy is creative and cute at the same time, he might get the all-important that he has planned in his thoughts from time to time.

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Cute And Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Plan the perfect day:

After taking care of the asking out hurdle, the real obstacle is to plan the date night. You need to make you that this date is different. You are not some casual roamer asking her out, you are there to stay in her life and you need to make sure she gets your feelings. When she came to see you, she should notice the efforts you have put in to make her feel special and one in a million. Make your plan according to her taste and likings. If she loves fancy hotels take her out there, if she is a walker, make sure she gets her favorite part in the date, if she likes surprises, make sure you surprise her. Just be creative and thoughtful and she will surely notice your efforts.

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The Cookie magic:

Cookies can be your silent partners in impressing your girl. If she is so beautiful that she took your heart away in a second, she might have crushes and attempted tries from other boys as well. By now she might have seen all the lame acts and cheesy lines that a regular guy does to ask her girl out. But have you ever listened that a girl gets asked out over the box of cookies? The surprise element here will do the trick and she will notice the efforts and love that you put in while baking her cookies.

Be the funny guy:

If you are funny and can relate puns on the different situation then there are high chances that you might grab the attention of your girl. Use your witty sense to use the situation and ask her out if a punny way if you know what we mean (pun intended). She will surely fall in love with you and your sense of humor and you will be all set for your magical date.

a man with flowers looking at watch

Date proposals:

If you not certain about her answer, don’t go for this option. But if you are a risk taker and had a pretty clear idea that she is going to say yes, then this is by far the best technique to ask a girl out. Just pick an artificial ring or a gumball ring and go one knee and propose her for the date. This might be absurd to other people but she will notice the creativity and planning that you put to go to this length just to ask her out. She will know that you are a keeper, and she will say yes to your proposal and might laugh a little too. But hey anything for the sweet yes.

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