Cute Bets to Make With a Girl

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How and Where to Make Bets with Your Girl

Most of the times, guys do not know how to treat their girls well. Sometimes, they put a lot of effort into winning a girl and then when it happens that the girl accepts their proposal, things get a little bit funny. Guys tend to wonder what they are supposed to do next in order to keep their partners happy and the relationship running. If you come up with funny bets, it keeps the girl yearning to be close to you and playing with you all the time. It is just a way of winning more marks from your girl.

The places that you make bets are not limited as long as you are together and having fun. When you are going to a party, you can decide to dress separately and bet on the colour of the underwear that a person is wearing. This is cheeky but worth. It is just pure fun. You can then agree that the loser will be supposed to show the underwear he or she is wearing. Of course, you will have to do this carefully and secretly or you will risk being embarrassed.

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Other cute bets to make with a girl is betting on the one who can take the least time to drink pop. However, because girls easily get embarrassed, you will have to do such a bet when you are alone with your girl and no one else around. This is because, in the process of drinking, the pop can spill over the face or clothes of the person who is drinking. In such a case you can agree that the loser will have his or her feet massaged.

You can also bet on the person wearing most clothing. Of course in the house, one will be wearing some more clothes than the other. Assuming that it is not in winter where you dress as if you will be flying to the moon the next minute, this can be a good bet to make. In such a case, you can agree that the loser will have to call the winners mother. Thinks about the crazy feeling you get when you have to call your spouse’s mum especially if you are not officially married. Well, this can be daring enough but it helps to enhance the bond between the involved parties.

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Some of the flirty bet ideas to make with a girl can include a whole week of paying for lunch. Even if you lose or win, you will still have an advantage because you will get the chance to spend more time with the girl. This is because you will have to spend the rest of the week together every lunchtime. What else will you be doing if not passing your petition?

You can also bet on acquiring tickets to a movie or game. It is a flirty bet that will enable you to spend a few hours together because the loser will have to pay for the tickets for both of you. It can even be flirtier to bet for a dance. The one who loses should make some dance moves in public. If you are not afraid of dancing in public then you are lucky.

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Apart from a public dance, you can bet on a private dance. This is very hot because you will have to drive your partner crazy by having them watch you as you dance for them in private.

Cooking is also another awesome thing to bet for when you are making bets with a girl. Imagine how incredible it is to lose and get a chance to prepare the best meal for your partner as you tease each other around.

Tips on how to Make Bets With a Girl

Guys should know what girls love and how they like to be treated. And because, betting is always cunning, interesting and adventurous, you will have an opportunity to spice up your relationship. This way, a guy will be required to know the kind of bets that will bring him and the girl closer and attract her more. Betting with a girl provides them with an opportunity to seduce and strengthen a relationship. However, the rules for making a perfect bet is choosing the ones that are most affordable. Avoid betting on expensive items like jewellery, phones or even money. This might leave your wallet empty or make you lose a very important item.

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Have you ever thought of those moments that play themselves out? You only need to drop a hint that makes your girl frenzied all over the place. Just think of good bets to make with a girl and you will realize how smooth things will get for you. Think about it this way, you have been planning for a moment when you will be able to spend some time together. Then you get an opportunity to bet and the loser is supposed to be driving the other person too and from work every day. Well, no one will be going on feet plus it will provide you with a chance to get flirty and heighten your partner’s mood every day.


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