How to be Romantic With Your Girlfriend

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How to Add Romance to Your Relationship: Tips for Guys

Romance is one of the most important features that make your relationship bright, easy and amazingly comfortable. However, many guys wonder, how to be romantic with their ladies. This article will help you to add more romance to your love affair and become the most awesome guy she ever had.

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Tips for Adding Romance to Your Relationship

1. Pay her attention. Any girl wants to become the most important part of her boyfriend’s life. Therefore, paying attention to your lady is absolutely vital for the healthy relationship. Try to respond all her texts, remember about important dates and don’t forget to take her favorite dessert at the supermarket.

2. Little knick-knacks. Everyone likes to receive presents. From soft teddy-bears to luxurious jewelry, your lady will be definitely pleased for almost any gift. If you want to surprise her even more, order some T-shirt, cup, pillow or anything else with an image of her favorite movie, pop star or anything she really likes.

3. Listen. Most girls are really talkative. Although you might find it difficult, try to listen everything what she says attentively. This way, are not likely to miss any important information and know more about your beloved. How to chat romantically with girlfriend? That’s easy! Try to remember her preferences, pay compliments and text her couple of times per day just to know how she is going.

4. Arrange unforgettable dates. Although going to the movie is great, she might forget about that date in just a couple of weeks/month. Try to be more special and try uncommon date options. Horseback riding, concert or bike ride will make her feel special and will bring both of you plenty of awesome emotions.

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5. Cook for her. Although you might be newbie in the culinary world, study to cook at least simple dishes. Your lady will be definitely surprised and pleased, even in case your cuisine is far from perfect.

6. Help her. This tip goes for various kinds of help. You might assist your beloved in her studies, support her during the tough periods and just help her to clean your house. Mutual aid is one of the most important things for great relationship.

7. Be affectionate. Holding hands, embracing and cuddling is really important. However, avoid too expressive PDA in crowded places.

8. Have fun. Laugh together, make silly things and just go crazy at home. This simple trick will make you even closer.

9. Become spontaneous. Romance is not only things that are made in advance. Be easy, change your plans according to her wishes, make spontaneous trips and do what you both want at a certain moment.

10. Make plans together. Sometimes ladies just want to know that your relationship have future. By the way, don’t forget to tell her that you love her, be polite and caring.

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  1. I tried to be fun man few times, but girl was very strict and said that I was fool!!! It makes me crazy…what should I do? change the girlfriend? =)))

    • Hi Greg. Thanks for your story.
      Well, I think the most important is not to OVER DO. To have fun is important in every relationship, you need to stay kids even when you are adults.
      But not always of course) You just need to feel the borders.
      As for changing the girlfriend – it is up to you)))


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