People with dogs get more dates, according to study

People with dogs get more dates

Do you have a ‘man’s best friend’? People with dogs get more dates, according to study

Looking for a girlfriend? Get a dog! This simple rule has been proven by numerous studies all over the world. How can a four-legged friend make you more attractive for females? Can a dog lay siege to a lady’s heart? People with dogs get more dates, according to study. Find out the details on the phenomenon below!

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A French study had a male to ask for women’s phone numbers both with and without his pet. The results of the research were amazing. Aguy by himself succeeded in only 9% of cases. Meanwhile, walking with a dog increased the number of received phone numbers to the whopping 28%! Therefore, women are three times more communicative with dog owners.

Another study initiated a lab experiment, where the participants were asked to rate the same people of different appearance, background and professions with and without a dog. The same photo models with dogs were consideredmore relaxed and happy. Therefore, most respondents found them more attractive.

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What kind of dog can make you more attractive? Labrador is likely to get you more attention rather than fighting breeds. However, if you are not fond of four-legged friends or hesitate, whether you will be able to take care of it, avoid getting a dog. Otherwise, your bad attitude to pet will even push away possible matches.

What are the additional benefits of getting a dog?

  • You will live a healthier and longer life. Pets decrease the risks of cardiovascular-relateddeath by an amazing 36% compared to those people, who do not have a dog.
  • Pets boost your immune system. Taking care of a dog requires energy and regular walks on the fresh air. This simple trick makes you fit and raises your fitness quotient.
  • Pets help you cope with stress and make your heart healthier. Contacting with fluffy friends makes you more relaxed, lower heart rate and stress hormones.
  • Dogs make you more social and bring you acquaintances. Most people find dog walkers more positive and communicative.
  • Canine buddies can help you fight Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, PTSD, chronic pain and make kids with autism more social. Furthermore, they elevate mood and are ready to dampen depression.


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