Scared of Starting Conversations? 10 Tips for Guys to Start Texting

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10 Tips on How to Start Texting with a Girl You Like

The times when you just call your lady to ask her for a date have passed. Although there are still few guys, who prefer calling rather than texting, this is not a common for experienced daters. How to start a conversation with a girl texting? Is it possible to impress her at once? Here you will get 10 handy prompts for beginners on how to start texting with ease.

How to start a conversation with a girl you like?

1. What you shouldn’t start with. Avoid saying “hi”, “how are you?”, “what’s up?” and other too simple phrases. Your aim is to boost her curiosity and attract her with your uncommon way to initiate your conversation. Furthermore, if you just ask your crush “how are you?” you might easily get a short response in a couple of words. (Not to mention, she might receive dozens of such messages each day and just miss yours).

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2. Make her curious. Write your message depending on how you met first. Try to be funny and act naturally. Always be yourself.

3. Avoid writing too long texts. It’s a perfect option, when your messages are a little bit shorter than hers and don’t exceed a few lines. Note: in case your crush sends too short texts, she might be just not interested in communication with you. You might try to engage her even more or try to start texting again in a few days.

4. Avoid sending dozens of messages, if you can’t wait to receive hew answer to your first one. It usually looks desperate. Respect yourself.

5. Don’t use too many smiles or emoticons. Try to express your emotions with words rather than with smiles. Use them only for special occasions.

6. Make sure your conversation is not one-sided. In case your crush is interested in you, she will definitely ask you questions. In other words, your initiative should become mutual.

7. Avoid telling her about your feelings. You might have fallen in love from the first sight, but she shouldn’t know it yet. If you really like that girl, tell it to her face. Not to mention, if she is into you, you will be able to kiss her.

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8. Avoid being too pushy. If you are going crazy about her sexy body, take is easy with your sexual innuendo. Asking about naked photos is a real no-no.

9. Use social media wisely. To start texting with a girl you like, don’t like all her photos and posts for several months, otherwise you might easily scare her off. Choose a few photos and ask some questions about them.

10. Ask her for a date. If you feel your conversation is dying, don’t be afraid to ask her out. If you have a positive reply, set up a date and time at once. Good Luck!



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