Top Things Every Woman Wants to Hear From Her Man

a man tucking hair behind a woman's ear

Ladies are all about words, it has always been said that men who have their way with words when it comes to ladies can get anything from them. It is so easy to woe a lady but of course, that is if you know what to so. These things that you need to say is not complicated poetry or love letter. But they are simple sentences and expressions that would make all the difference. These simple sayings that make her heart melt have the power to make a relationship.

If you know how powerful words are, then you know how to make her heart melt. They can make a person believe, hope and even rely on. It is important that you say only what you mean and mean what you say. Many people might not be in a place to say these words because they would be lying and that is not good for anybody.

Words That Will Make Her Heart Melt

You are beautiful: this is one of the best things that you can tell a girl. Tell her in the morning when she is about to go out after bathing and dressing. Tell her; when she is just wearing pajamas around the house. She needs to know that you think that she is very beautiful.

a man muttering something in a womas ear

I remember the first time I met you: saying words like this, reminds her that you do treasure her and that’s why you can remember when you met her. It tells her the moment was you first saw her was special to you, as it also validates what you mean to him.

I would love to spend the rest of my life with you: While this can almost be interpreted to mean “marry me”. It reflects a deep desire to be with you even more. This elevates the point that you want to be with her and not with anyone else.

I feel like I was destined to meet you: Love can be about destinies for those who believe, let them feel like, it is more than a physical attraction. This can bring her out of her shell even more. It brings a calm sense of; I know what you are doing now. She begins to feel more at home and at peace with the fact, you are both thinking the same things and she is with the right person.

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You are the best thing that happened to me: Ladies often go into relationships, because they feel like they can change the mind of your spouse. So they want to feel like there is no standard .hearing from you that she is one of the best things that happened to you is to ensures that she feels like she is actually contribute and gainfully and meaningfully to your life.

I want to build my world around you: Tell her you to want to build your world around her. Let her know that you love been around her and you feel at home with her, so much so you don’t want it to stop.

You make everything possible to me: Every lady needs attention and also needs care. She needs to know that you know about her everyday life and struggles. However, she is trying to do so many things and still has time for you. Let her know that because of her, you can surmount challenges and achieve your dreams better.

Let’s take the long ride together: This tells her that he wants to get down for you for real. This might also tell her that you are very committed and the fact that you are saying those words is how to melt her heart with words even more. This triggers her to be even happier while already planning ahead on what the future holds for each other as a couple.

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It’s me and you for life: “It’s me and you for life.” Saying this gives a lady, a sign of a ride or die, situation. She would always be excited about being wanted, especially when you want something new. You would be able to make her feel like she has invested in something worthwhile in you.

We are a perfect picture of happiness: what makes a lady happy in this relation is when the guy becomes a kaleidoscope, this line might probably make her laugh. But trying to picture what the man has said. She begins to see a future and it makes her melt.

Make any lady blush, giggle, smile and feel complete with you my telling her these words to make her heart melt. For ladies what you say reflects your intentions and it is very important that they hear them, even though most men prefer to say things once in a while. Every lady wants to be reassured and reminded of your steadfast love and commitment.



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