Unique 2020 New Year Gift Ideas


While some are busy in introspecting about the past year, here comes a little reminder that we also need to plan a completely incredible New Year party along with some unique new year gift ideas for our near and dear ones. Obviously, gifts are an expression of love and the easiest way to show how much you care for him or her.

Without interrupting your mind which might be already browsing through some dinner ideas for the upcoming New Year, here are some gift ideas for those special persons with whom we share beautiful relationships.

Let’s plan a special New Year gift for him or her which makes them realize how thoughtful you are for them. A heartwarming gift forever cherishes the receiver as well as add a moment in their life. Big achievement! Isn’t it?

Every one wants to select a gift on New Year’s Eve that can assure to bring a big smile on the face of the receiver and capture the moment forever in his or her heart.

Gift Ideas for Him

If you are really looking for something really great for someone you love, surprise him with something related to his passion for say, you can go for.

Stylish Trendy Opener:

No second thought that he will always remember you while enjoying his beers.

Music Instrument:

If he is the one whose passion lies in music go for some musical instrument like an electronic guitar.

Electronic Gadgets:

Technology has made it easy to select a gift for those who are gadget freaks. However, it isn’t always as easy as it looks but If your man is one of them, cheer up!! You have many choices including Kindle if he loves to read or a smartwatch that includes multiple functions like a calendar, an alarm clock etc.

Travel Backpack for a passionate traveler:

The best gift you can give to the persons who spends most of his time in exploring different and new places.

Something Handmade:

Undoubtedly, there’s no comparison of handmade gifts leaving back impression of love and care but for that, you need to be good at craft and creativity. A beautiful handmade diary, a cardigan, homemade chocolates and cakes, self knitted scarves, would definitely express your love to him.

Customized Gifts for Him:

Online shopping stores have extended a wonderful range of gifts at affordable prices including a large variety of customized gifts. You can consider giving him customized pendant, bookmark, memory or love box. Such gifts can be unique, quirky and creative at the same time.

Sports Accessories:

If your man is passionate about sports, that really reduces research work for you. One can consider gifting sports equipment, or accessories like a baseball cap, Track spikes, customized Sports water bottle, etc.

Gift Ideas for Her

Choosing the perfect gift for a girl could be a difficult task. Definitely, you want to be in her memories for long.


One of the safest and best options of a gift for her is jewelry. It actually gives you a wide variety to choose from pendant necklace, diamond ring, anklets. These unique new year gifts will make you her favorite.

Trendy and Classy Phone Case:

In case your pocket doesn’t allow you to go for expensive gifts, a phone case is also the good one to choose from. A unique and cute phone case which is additionally a useful gift will give you the privilege to see a big smile on her face.

Woolens for Women:

The best part of New Year is, it comes in winters. That certainly gives you an option to choose from the range of her favorite woolens. You may already have an idea of her choice for the same. A cute winter hat, classy pullover could be one of her choices.

A Gift for Her Passion:

There must be something, your girl has been incredibly passionate about. That can be music, things, items, reading books, photography, anything. If you don’t know about it until now, discover! and plan for it.

Gift Cards for Her:

Nowadays, we are blessed with one more option which is also a trendy one is Gift Cards. That can be a great gift for those who are really choosy and like to shop for their own thing.

Interestingly, they also provide us an alternative to reach those friends and relatives who live far away or we do not know their exact choices for a gift. The only thing we need to assure that we purchase the right type of gift card.


Finding an ideal gift for him or her, which can make their New Year Eve special could be easy after going through all the ideas. The real difficulty is to choose a gift from the too many options available out there, but you need to invest that much in a relationship. Who doesn’t like gifts that are going to mean something to him or her? A gift that reveals your thoughtfulness, your generosity to them can be the one they will truly love. Just get ready to add some extra smile and happiness to your loved ones.



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