Useful tips on how to attract a girl you like

how to attact woman

How to attract a girl?

The question how to attract a girl is one of the most frequently asked among men, as it requires some effort from a man to initiate a conversation with a girl he is interested in. You cannot approach a stranger and say: “I like you, let’s be friends.” Now women have become incredulous and attentive when choosing men, so it is essential to know the main secrets of attracting girls.

Sense of humor

In modern realities, it is difficult to live without this quality. Sense of humor helps to treat various life situations philosophically, never to despond and to be always in a good mood. Girls do not strive to communicate with calamity howlers who complain about life all the time. If you are prone to melancholy, fight it!

Sense of humor Intrigue her

Everyone knows that women are curious creatures, who wish to be aware of all events. If you want to know how to attract a girl, it is worth using this weak point for your sake. Girls do not like guys, who are like an open book. The intrigue will become your faithful assistant.

Act unexpectedly

Show your uniqueness. The majority of women strive to find a special guy. It is interesting to puzzle a man out in order to understand his thoughts and motives. Often surprise your girlfriend, if you do not want your relationship to be boring. There should be always something new. If you buy your woman the same flowers every day, such presents will, sooner or later, turn into routine.

Take care of your girl

Women are called the weaker sex not without purpose. Treat them with care if you want to be rewarded. Nothing caresses the soul as much as a sign of attention payed by beloved one. At the subconscious level woman looks for a guy, who can protect her.

Take care of your girl

This does not mean to display physical strength. More often protection is a moral support, attention to small details. For example, let the girl you like have your seat on the bus. Such behavior will immediately show you to the best advantage and will be a good reason for further acquaintance.

Give compliments

Women love with their ears. Compliments will definitely help to make friends. The main thing is that they should be unique and be given with all your heart. Mention girl’s beauty and penetrating mind. For example, if you tell a girl that the chance to meet a person like her happens once in a lifetime, the result would be just a matter of time. Every girl wants to be unique and the only one.

Be quick-witted

How can this be expressed? Try to make a suggestion about a girl’s lifestyle and pronounce your guess aloud. For example, she wears fur. Just approach a woman and ask “Do you have a cat or a dog?” or “What is the breed of your cat?” Be observant and the appearance of the woman will help you find a topic for conversation.

Be quick-witted

Now you know how to attract a girl you like. We wish you good luck!



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