Are You Still Just Friends? Signs She Wants More

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10 Telltale Signs She Likes You More Than Just Friend

Love and true friendship have much in common. You might easily be friends for years, have common interests, spend plenty of time together and know everything about each other, when suddenly you feel you are going to be more than just friends. The same things happen for both guys and ladies. In this article we’ve collected a number of signs your female friend wants to be more than just friends.

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10 Signs She Wants More

1. Flirting. Girls are flirting only with those guys, whom they find attractive. When your friend starts finding you attractive, she is almost ready to date with you: friendship never contains any flirt. Therefore, if she suddenly began flirting, your friend is surely ready for something bigger. She might be shy or not so confident to tell it directly, but your crush definitely wants you to notice her efforts.

2. Contact. Have she started to call, text or meet you more often than before? Does she pay more attention to you? These are the clear signs she wants more.

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3. Body language. If your friend is not ready to make the first step to become a couple, she might try to hide her feelings. You will need to become more attentive and study her body language: it never lies! Does she often touch her hair or trying to be closer to you? If so, your friend is already into you.

4. Smile. Smile is a secret flirting weapon of any girl. If she smiles to you a lot, laughs at all your jokes (even at those that are not actually funny) and is always happy to see you anytime, it’s time to consider asking your crush for a date.

5. Touchy. When a girl often ‘accidentally’ touches your back, head or hand, she is really into you. The matter is that she wants to be as closer to you as possible. Furthermore, gentle touches are one of the common things any new couple usually does.

6. Awkward. When a girl suddenly becomes awkward in front of you, it looks odd. The matter is that now she feels shy, when you look at her.

7. Jealousy. Friends are people, who can share everything and discuss anything with each other. However, your loving friend might suddenly become annoyed, when you tell her about dates, relationship and simply other female mates. The secret is that she is feeling jealousy.

8. Eyes. Does she establish a long eye contact with you? Have you ever notices she stares at you for no reason? These are the common signs she wants more!

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9. Memory. She might remember everything you told her weeks before. Your friend might easily remember even those things, you’ve completely forgotten about.

10. Appearance. Earlier you might easily spend time, wearing old or dirty clothes, when suddenly you friend become girlish. Does she wear short skirts, cute T-shirts, make her hair done and use any sexy tricks to attract your attention? Come on, she is in love with you!



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