Dating skills for men: what should you do to have a perfect date

picture Dating skills

Dating skills for men: easy tips to make your date perfect.

Going to the cinema or café, having a couple of drinks, asking some questions… That is the most common description of most dates. However, how can you make it brighter? What are the best communication tips to impress your lady? Find out a list of top dating skills for men: become even more attractive as 1-2-3!

  • Make the first step. If you really like that girl, don’t wait until she asks you for a date. Most girls prefer traditional dating: make the first step, bring her flowers and listen to her carefully. Not to mention, your first dates should be made in public places. Your girl’s safety is a top priority!
  • Take control. Although it might sound odd, don’t ask your lady on where to have your date. Be bright, arrange everything and make her feel comfortable.pict Dating skills
  • Pay attention to your appearance. Women always prepare for dating, so should men. Make sure to shave, take a shower, clean your teeth and nails, as well as wear tidy clothes that match to each other.
  • Turn off your phone. Avoid using your smartphone during your date! No calls, taking pictures or checking your feed on a date! If you are waiting for an important call, tell it to your lady right before the date (make sure, it will be only one short dialog and switch off your device then).
  • Keep flirting. Don’t make your date look like a job interview. Just use your sense of humor, flirt and discuss any issues that are interesting for your girl.Dating skills pict
  • Make compliments. If she looks amazing in this red dress, tell it! Your lady will be pleased and appreciate your attentiveness.
  • Be a gentleman. Hold the seats out, open the doors and make sure your lady gets to her car or cab after the date. Girls usually prefer guys, who take care of them.
  • Say you call her if you really plan to do this. Don’t lie: if you are not interested, avoid making any promises.
  • Don’t tell her about your ex. Although she might ask about your relationships with other girls, make your answers short and don’t describe any details. Convince your girl that you are totally free and that you are ready to spend your time with her only.
  • Be honest. Honesty is a basis of every relationship. Don’t try to make a brighter impression by telling a falsehood.


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