Do Women Really Cares About a Guy’s Look?

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Do Looks Matter In a Relationship: Unveiling the Truth

Does appearance matter in a relationship? Although this question remains to be one of the most controversial ones, most psychologists believe that look is important in a relationship. There is nothing new that people are more attracted to those partners, who have good postures, smiley and beautiful faces, as well as athletic bodies. But the truth is that people have completely different tastes: you might seem ugly for one person, while another one will find you incredibly handsome. Here is one more fact that should be taken into account: the beauty standards vary within different times and countries. However, there are still more important things that most ladies are looking in men.

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What is the Most Important Thing to Attract Women?

Although good appearance is really necessary to attract girls, there is still one thing, which is more important than physical attraction. It is self-confidence. The matter is that girls unconsciously looking for mannish guys, who have high self-esteem, certain plans for future and are confident, when it comes to achieving their goals.

Another important thing for seductions ladies is charisma. If you take a look at dozens of Hollywood stars, you might notice that they are actually not handsome. However, they have brilliant charisma that makes everyone think they are really cool. What is charisma? Charisma is a complex of different features one can possess simultaneously: it is vital to be open-minded, communicative, persistent, hard-working and completely positive. If you smile to the world, the world will smile to you! The same rule works for initiating most relationships.

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Is look important in a relationship for a woman?

Yes. But most ladies will be attracted to that guy, who might not have a perfect look, but who supports healthy lifestyle, go in for sports and take care of himself. Therefore, a common man with no bad habits has higher chances to attract the girl of his dream rather than a guy with huge muscles, who drinks too much alcohol or has no plans for future.

Self-presentation is another key to establishing contact with a lady you like. Everyone has small drawbacks, but all of us can easily focus on the positive features. Not to mention, dozens of common imperfections might be easily corrected or hidden. Having protruding ears? Choose a haircut with long hair. Having short legs? Jeans with higher waist are ready to help. If you can’t change anything you don’t like in yourself, try to accept it! If you don’t pay too much attention to your imperfections, others are not likely to notice them, too!

All in all, the secret for attracting women is just mastering yourself. When you become better, you start to be more self-confident. And this is the only thing that really matters for first-ever contacts with ladies.

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