Getting Friendzoned: What Does It Mean And How to Avoid It

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Friendzone: Facts and Tips on How to Avoid it

The relationship between the two people is often complicated. Someone might fall in love from the first glance, while the others might need plenty of time to start loving their long-term partners. When it comes to friendship, things might become even more complicated. What should you do, if you want to be more than just friends? How to get out of friendzone? Let’s find out!

What is Friendzone

Friendzone is a special kind of relationship, where there is only friendship with no sexual appeal or attraction. It is a common thing in thousands of couples, where one partner wants to start dating, while the other one is going to be friends only.

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Reasons for Getting to the Friendzone

1. Lack of physical attraction. Although it might sound painful, but this is the most common reason for getting to the friendzone. Your match is not treating you like a sexual object and feels no tension to you personally.

2. You hide your true intentions. This rule often goes for guys. How can she find out, that you like her in case you have never demonstrated your sexual interest? If you want this lady to become your new crush, just flirt, be more confident and ask her for a date.

3. You are afraid of being rejected. This point is one of the biggest fairs of thousands of guys. Waiting for a perfect moment? Do you value too much your friendship? Scared of the possibility of losing her? However, if you don’t risk, chances are that she will start dating someone beaver.

Escaping the Friendzone in 3 Easy Steps

1. Become more attractive and self-confident. Change your style, make a new haircut, read books on psychology and try to improve your sexuality. If you feel you are really cool man, others might find you really cool, too.

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2. Play “push and pull” game. Don’t spend all your free time with your crush. Go to the parties, make new friends and boost your communication skills. Not to mention, this simple trick might make your lady feel jealousy and attract her attention.

3. Don’t be afraid to lose her. Although it is easier said than done, you still need to follow the rule. If you ask her out, you might face with three possible kinds of response:
– She will laugh at you and break the connection between you two completely (the worst and the most unlikely scenario)
– She will refuse to go out and leave you in her friendzone.
– She will become your girlfriend.

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The first option might seem to you the most scaring. However, if you friend laughs at you and disrespect your feelings, you’ve just met a toxic person. Such relationship usually ends badly and become painful for both sides. Therefore, it is better to avoid both dating and being friends with those people.

The second point is also painful, but will save you tons of time, which you can easily spend looking for your real love with other ladies. And the third one is a real win-win!



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