How and When to Ask for a Second Date

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If you really liked a woman on the first date and wanted to meet her again, all depends on how you treated her on the first date. If you had made her feel special and done creative things then don’t worry, she will surely give you a second chance. Girls often go on second dates to clear their mind that is you worthy for them. Make sure to not blow the opportunities and be advised that second dates are a lot different from the first one, so make sure you have planned out the date.

When to ask:

The usual time between first and second date is three days. Make sure you are not hasty with your shot calling as it might show you as a despot. You can give her a call and tell her how you felt amazingly well and ask her about the casual routine. You don’t want to rush the second date and at the same time show interest in her, so she will know that you are up for the second date if she wants to. Ample time for the second date should be within the week otherwise she will think that you don’t have time for her or you have someone else in your life. Keep contacting her, tell her about your routine, just random talks, that will hook the girl emotionally and will be looking for a second date more than you think.

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Trust and Confidence:

Before making the last move and asking her out on the second date, make sure you take a deep breath and clear your mind from any distraction. You need to make sure she understands the together time importance and she is willing to go on the second date. Convincing her for the second date is all about confidence and trust. After the first date, you need to make her feel special, establish a connection where she could trust you. During your random chats and jokes, bring up the topic of what you want to go out with her again and make sure you are confident. It doesn’t matter t you whether it’s your second date or 100th, impress her with your confidence and pick a time and place and ask her straight.

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If she said no:

The only nightmare that shakes the confidence of the boys is the rejection. What if she declined your offer say no to the second date. After this response, you need to stay calm and ask her gently that what’s the reason she doesn’t want to go out again. If she is busy then try to reschedule, maybe your timing was not good, and she was in a bad mood. So, make sure to revert at a more pleasant time and if you are a decent guy, there 80% chances that you will convince her for the second date. Be advised to not overcrowd her at that moment, give her a day or two, don’t even bother to call. Pursue her again after some time and you will get the desired answer.

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What to talk about:

After the first date, now you two know a little detail about each other. Try to find the common passion and hobbies, start interacting through the common grounds so the conversation doesn’t get awkward. Try to know her better but don’t overwhelm her with a bunch of question. Your date should feel like a chat and not an interrogation. Open up to him about your personal life and ask her about her life goals and passions. If she is not interested in any of your talking and discussions, you need to think twice whether she is the right girl for you.



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