How to Get to Know That a Girl is Trying to Impress You?

a woman with a glass of wine watching at the man

Signs that she is interested in you.

When you liked a beautiful girl, you will inevitably be interested «Is the sympathy is mutual? ». Most likely, her attractive appearance and behavior will betray her. How to know if she is interested? We will answer this question!

What a girl does when she wants to make an impression.

1. Pay attention to how she looks when she is next to you. Maybe she dresses more beautifully and sexually, when she knows that you will be there? First of all, girls want to impress with their stunning appearance, and spend hours preparing for a meeting. If she knows that you will meet on the weekend, and puts on a new tight dress, makes a styling and a delightful evening make-up and uses the sweet fragrance of perfume — she definitely tries to impress you.

a woman outting on make-up

2. She listens to you. If she tries to impress you, the girl is interested in your life, hobby, work, and at the same time she tells about herself. And she will laugh at all your jokes, even if they are not so funny. Also, if she has never shown any interest in your hobbies before, and suddenly demonstrates amazing knowledge about things that interest you, she probably did her best.

3. She takes care. In fact, care is generally one of the most powerful factors that affect a person’s attitude. We can not be unaware of this, but we will always choose contact and friendship with someone who shows care and warmth towards us. To impress you, the girl will try to be nice, somehow help you or give advice.

a woamn choosing between clothes

4. Flirting. A good sign if she tries to touch you, playfully looks straight into your eyes, coquettishly smiles, constantly removes hair or twists curls. Also, easy flirting is sign that she is interested but shy. She timidly lowers her eyes or looks away, when you look at her in response, hesitantly touches you. But this does not mean that it is not interested, on the contrary, it is worthwhile to establish contact and embarrassment will pass.

a woman and a man in formalwear in the cafe

5. Heels and gait. One of the most attractive things in a woman is walking, isn’t it? Pay attention to how confidently she walks. The girl tried to make a better impression if she puts on elegant shoes with a heel, and her gait attracts the eye of every passerby. Of course, this is done in order to attract your own view.

How to react when a girl tries to impress you?

If you like those girls, of course, make a compliment to your lady. She does all this for you. Tell your girl how wonderful she looks or how interesting she’s story was. The girl will be pleased to hear that her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Also, it will show you at its best, which increases your chances for the next date.


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