Keys on Getting Your Girlfriend to Forgive You


Make it sincere

When you have done something wrong and you need to tell your girlfriend make sure you do so from the heart. Her heart is what made you fall in love with her in the first place. Sit her down and you sit across from her. Try and establish body contact by gently grabbing her hand. Look her in the eyes so she can see you are not trying to hide. Keep it short and sweet. Don’t paint a picture for her shies really not interested in that. So keep it super simple.

Assure her that it will never happen again

She may get up and walk away let her, She needs time to try and process what you have just said! When she comes back in the room be ready. She may scream and cry. It is just the anger talking. Once she has calmed down she will have many questions for you. So be prepared to have the answers ready.

Open cards

All you can do is be honest with her and hope she accepts it. If she loves you she will. Tell her why you did what you did. Tell her how it made you feel and include how you are feeling now be sure what you have to say will hurt not just her but you too. There will be tears and emotions and it will take time for things to feel normal again but if you both love each other then you need to fight to stay together.

Commit to your word

Tell her it won’t happen again and solemnly swear it. Then keep your word. Don’t take her forgiveness for granted she isn’t an empty vessel that has 1000s of chances with your name drawn all over them. Tell her you are sorry and mean it then change your behavior. She will she the effort and slowly she will gain trust in you again. But mean what you say and say what you mean.

Prove to her you will change

She has now forgiven you. Now, it is up to you to prove to her she made the right call. If you a lad that loves hanging out with his boys at the bars or going to games night or whatever your usual go-to is opt to stay home instead and work on mending your relationship. She will notice the change in behavior and it will allow her trust in you to start to recover. Make sacrifices for her and the relationship we promise you she will take note and start to want to put in the work too.

Make an effort to hear her not just listen

She has got a lot to say, you might be thinking. But do you hear her? Are you just replying to her but not understanding what she actually wants needs or feels. You can choose to be different and ask her questions about what she is talking about. Engage her and see things from her side of the coin. It is so easy to get caught up in the reply mentality but just shut up and listen you may learn something you never knew before. She wants to be heard so pay attention to what she actually means by what she says. This goes hand in hand with changed behavior.

Show her you care

This is not a monetary gesture. This one is the little things. We all have our own hobbies tastes and affiliations. Give her more credence. Let her decide what to watch. Where to eat and what to do. If she gets home from work and you see the day has been stressing her make her a cup of tea and ask her about her day and why she feels that way. While she’s relaxing to go run her a bath and let her soak with some bubbles. Sit on the toilet in the bathroom or better yet bath with her. Show her she deserves the special care and attention.

Worst case scenario she wants/needs space

Give it to her remember she has to now take new data in of who she thought you were and wrap her brain around who you are. This may require some time. She may move out but this does not indicate the end of the relationship.

Asking your girlfriend for forgiveness takes courage, it means owning up to your mistakes. This guide is the best way we know how to get your girlfriend to forgive you. Hopefully, you now know how to apologize to your girlfriend.



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