Pros And Cons of Dating a Married Woman


This is a taboo topic in most societies we realize that infidelity happens but we just don’t discuss it. We all change and become various versions of ourselves over the years. What we wanted at 20 differs from what we want at 40 and the same is said for both men and women.

Dating a Married Woman

So you have started a new job and there is a woman in your department that captivates you. You start speaking to each other and you hit it off, the conversation just flows and she opens up about her life and her passions and in the process, you realize that you enjoy this being. This human is amazing you want more. How do you initiate without making them feel guilty?

Open Conversation

Lay yourself bare, know that you both are adults and can decide on the way forward. Know that it will take some doing, she may not be fully open to the idea. Be honest about your intentions if it is just about the sex be vocal about it. State it, the outcomes are they will either accept it or deny it. But at least you will know you stand.

Disadvantages of Falling in Love with a Married Woman

I will be honest there are more cons than a pro to these types of situations. They very seldom end well for either party involved. But if you find yourself falling for the subject of your affair there are a few things you can do that could help you pinpoint if they on the level or not.

Be Honest

Tell the subject of your desire how you feel. There are many ways you can do this. But you cannot avoid this step if you hope to have any type of future with this person. Also, know that the time they can dedicate to you is limited. They have to juggle work, school, their husband and their whole life. So you need to fall into their schedule. The main disadvantage of these types of courtships is they are short-lived and usually one-sided. The passion is ignited the flame burns bright the infatuation is there and so present, as quickly as this relationship starts to take shape it could end and then one party ends up heartbroken and bitter. This usually happens when reality sets in and one party becomes more invested and then the expectations become more demanding of the married individual. This relationship has an end date.

Dangers of Dating a Married Woman

The main outcome no-one ever thinks of is how stable is her husband. A man who beats a woman has major anger issues and jealousy is the main drive for fatalities that are infidelity related. You can die, it is deemed by society as taboo. Your reputation gets tarnished. There are many ways and various means of fallout. Most fatalities that are domestic are because of infidelity as some people view their spouse as their property. When embarking on such ventures always remember that there is a great risk involved. Damaged property, and you could even get sued and lose everything. You have chosen to break up a family and have selfishly chosen to ignore the fact that she is already married. 90% of these relationships never work out and they cause so much damage along the way. Leading some men to prison for acting recklessly. If you have to start this type of relationship, know the risk involved and also know that you will be blamed and the fallout could be catastrophic.

Final Thoughts

Entering into these types of relationships is not a decision to be made lightly. Knowing the facts is the best way to proceed. A staggering amount of people are together but not happy! They have invested their time energy and devotion to this one person and would rather make it work than walk away. Long-lasting relationships exist solely because two people decided that despite everything they will make that relationship work. There are so many distractions and temptations around us that are begging us to stray. These relationships happen because one party feels trapped and needs a way to be free. There are rarely any true emotions involved here and it is usually binding lust and infatuation that sets the flame alight. We implore you to stay the course and try and not step into a situation where you could end up hurt or worse dead. Women and men both need to come to realize that the answer is not found in another relationship. Do you want two failed relationships on your hands? If you are trying to build your happiness on someone else’s misery you will always lose! Instead, be open tell her you like her but you respect the fact that she is married. Befriend her with no hidden motives and maybe she will in time see in you a potential new start. Cheating is never a good idea in anything, especially in a relationship. Before you cheat stop and think about what impact your decision could have on this person’s life. We all want love and understanding but at what cost? A child’s home could be ripped apart all because you want to have an affair with a married woman.



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