Rules For Dating a Married Woman


We need to first say this dating a married woman is never a smart idea. It usually leads to you being strung along with empty promises that she will leave her husband. You end up more invested as you have only her whereas she leads a whole other life without you.

The most important rule is she is already married

Yeah, this sounds daft I know but you need to remember that she already is married. She won’t have endless time to devote to you. You need to fit in with her schedule as it is quite full all the time you will spend together has to be planned and prearranged for her approval because yet again she is married.

Her house is off limits!

She is married and has a whole life that is outside of you. This includes a house a car maybe even some kids that she shares with her husband. She will want to keep the two separate so you will never be invited over for coffee or be asked to pick her up at home.

The name of the game is the secret

Deciding to step out of your marriage is not a newsworthy broadcast. You can bet she will not breathe her infidelity to a soul so you shouldn’t either. Even though you want to tell your mates about your great new girl don’t they probably will not be happy for you and judgment will be harsh. She won’t tell her girls either as this is not a relationship or happening to brag about.

No social proof

With our world fast expanding and becoming smaller by the day thanks to the wonderful social media, there can be no traces of your relationship on-line. So forget about the cute hash-tags and the couple’s goals. You have no say in this either so no photos. According to the world, you do no exist. She is married and that is her life anything added to it is a secret.

Your boundaries

Most people hear the word boundary and want to run for the hills. Having boundaries is a great thing. Any healthy relationship has them. Sit down with her before you initiate this affair and be honest with her about your expectations and limits. Know that you are both on the same page will help make this go a lot more smoothly.

Keep your daily habits

Most people Start sleeping with an involved person and their routine goes out the window. This is mistake number two mistake number one is entering into a relationship with a married woman in the first place. Keep your schedule as normal as possible as if all of a sudden you change everything people will start to raise their eyebrows.

No gifts

Does this one suck as who doesn’t like getting a gift? But by no accepting gifts, you setting the standard of this relationship and also delaying your emotional attachment to her. This also proves there is no evidence if things should sour.

Keep it fresh

Don’t use the same seedy motel to get down to business. In case there is any suspicion from her husband’s side. At least try and make it difficult to catch the two of you.

Only pay with cash

Paper trails are a real thing and if you and she are serious about hiding your relationship only pay cash transactions with everything even dinners. It is more difficult to trace. Stop at the ATM before you go and meet her and always be flush with the doe.

Safety first

Just know that she is burying your relationship. She will be deleting your texts and showering after you have been together. Remember she is like a double agent now she has you then her life. By the way, you are her secret.

Don’t get curious

Her life is her life. She may know everything about you but that does not mean she will allow the same courtesy’s. Her husband and family are off-limits to you, so don’t try and suss out her husband and be his friend it will end badly.

No feels zone

This one is tricky but if you start to get a deep emotional attachment to her to break it off! This type of relationship is doomed. You will end up with your heart broken and not much else to show for it. There is a perfect girl out there for you the one who isn’t married. Take the pain of the break up it will be worth it in the end.

If she catches feels

End it. This may seem harsh and you may ask but why at least now we can be together… Never the case and if she does leave her husband she will be an emotional wreck and her life will be a mess be there for her as a friend. But she will not be stable enough to be making these choices so it is best to end it.

Final thoughts

This was not how to cheat and get away with its guide. This was just to make sure that you have the necessary information needed when you decide to date a married woman, the rules for dating a married woman and lastly advice on sleeping with a married woman.



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