Texting a Girl After First Date: What to Say

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5 Tips on What to Text After the First Date

The dating world is often tricky and challenging. When you’ve successfully come through the first stages of establishing your relationship, like asking for a date and making the first impression, you might suddenly face with another issue. When is the best time to text after the first date? What is it better to write about? Below you will find a list of tips on how to contact your lady after your first hang out.

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When Should You Text Your Girlfriend After the First Date?

The best advice here is that it is better to contact your crush sooner rather than later. Don’t wait for a couple of days to write the first message: the times you need to have a small break after the first date has gone. If you wait too long for the next contact, your lady might think you are not interested in building relationship with her or just forget about you. Note: avoid texting your crush at night or early in the morning not to provide a bad impression.

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Texting Rules: Dos and Don’ts of Contacting After the First Date

1. Avoid just saying “Hi”. Although it looks harmless and easy to write, it is the worst thing you might write to your lady. In most cases you will not receive any response at all or just get another “hi”.

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2. Make certain plans. Avoid having long talks about any issues: make your intentions as clear as possible. Choose a specific day and time, be brave and ask for another date. Don’t ask anything like “Do you want to hang on this weekend?” The better option is “Hi, I’d like to have prodinner with you this Friday night. Is around 8 OK?”

3. Avoid being too pushy. Prepare yourself for the rejection. Although you might think your first date was incredibly successful, your crush might not share your viewpoint. Therefore, if you contact your lady soon after the first date, but suddenly get no response or rejection, don’t be too intrusive. Just try again in a couple of days, but in case the situation repeats, live your lady alone.

4. Check up your message for spelling and grammar mistakes. The matter is that texts with poor grammar is often a big turn off for hundreds of girls. Although it is usually fine with your mates, your girlfriend might not like your style of communication.

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5. Avoid using too many smiles or emojis. Using too many emoticons might make your crush think you can’t express your feelings in a properly.

6. Avoid responding to her texts immediately. Otherwise, you might look desperate or too concerned. Writing the answer in 5-10 minutes is the best time-lapse for this case.

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7. Be confident. Although you might think your first date was not really successful and your crush doesn’t like you, try texting her at least once. Who knows, perhaps your lady felt awkward because she is already into you?



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