Things You Should Tell Your Partner About Yourself

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A healthy relationship will require you and your partner to know each other better. There is nothing that is more intimate than knowing someone in the most detailed manner. If you do not reveal anything to your partner, it might make them feel that you are not being serious in the relationship. Meanwhile, if you are being too open to them, then it might make your partner feel uncomfortable especially when they are not ready to know the truth yet.

Things That Your Partner Should Know About You

1. Your goals

The first thing that you should definitely tell your partner is your goal for the future. This could be in terms of your carrier, or even when you see yourself and what you see yourself doing in the next 5 years down the line. Even if your goal does not fall in line with your partners.

There are many important discussions that you need to make with your partner especially in terms of your family, your life together, kids and etc. You need to know whether your partner is someone that you can compromise with. You need to remember that compromising your goals is a part of living a relationship.

The sooner you talk about these aspects are the better. These topics are probably the ones that cause people to separate the most. If you do not find a room to compromise, then sometimes it is better to still remain friends.

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2. Your requirement

This point simply means that you should talk about what you need to be happy. Different people need something different in their life to make them happy. It is really critical that your partner knows about any information that you have in regards to your comfort and safety.

They need to know what makes your day, and what can screw your mood over. The more they know about this, the more they will be able to handle you and your relationship.

3. Love Baggage

We need to admit that each one of us will have that relationship that turned horrible. Your partner needs to know this. However, this is a topic that you need to be careful of. You need to ensure that you have gotten the correct timing and state of mind of your partner to be able to reveal this information.

If you reveal this information too early in the relationship, it can turn people off and they might think that you are only searching for excuses for your bad behaviors.

As scary as it is, never skips this topic. It is important that both you and your partner learn about your past relationship mistake in order to make your current relationship better. By letting them know why you broke up with your ex, they will be able to get a rough idea of what they need to do so that you will be happy in your relationship.

4. Health issue

If you have any serious illness or even health issues, then it is essential that your partner knows about this. Health issues might be a sensitive topic for some people. A person that is really serious and truly loves you will give you a tremendous amount of support concerning your health issue.

If you have a serious goal and you wanted to pursue a meaningful relationship, you need to be honest with your health issue with your partner.

Aside from any health issue that you have, you also need to share your list of allergies and dietary restrictions that you have. It is an important thing to know because it might save your partner a lot of effort in choosing your dinner.

It might sound like a petty thing, but it is actually very important. It is what you would at least expect someone to know when it comes to knowing you as an individual. If your partner does not know about this, then they might feel that they have not known you at all.

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5. History

It is important that your partner knows about your history. This includes your family background or any addiction that you might have had. Your family background is especially very important because they might be able to know better about your in-depth perspective on life, love, and relationship.

It is indisputable that a child’s upbringing will bring and shape the way that the child thinks about a relationship. Most people’s view on life, love, and relationship comes from their family upbringing.

This might be a very hard thing to do especially if you come from a broken family or a family that has been stigmatized socially. However, you do not need to worry. It is always better that you tell your partner in advance, rather than waiting for someone else to let them know.

Another difficult thing that your partner needs to know about you is if you have had any history with substance abuse, or any other addiction. If you truly value your relationship, then you should not cover these topics. More often, addictions make you feel like you are leading a double life. There will be time that you have to rely on and ask for your partner’s support in battling your addiction.
There are a lot of relationships that were broken simply because one of the people that was involved in the relationship was not honest about their addiction. If your partner figured out your addiction at a later stage of the relationship, then they might have felt that you have betrayed their trust, instead of seeing it as something that you have always struggled with.



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