Tips for Guys: What to Wear to a First Date

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Top Outfit Ideas for the First Date

First date is one of the most important steps in establishing a relationship. Therefore, it is vital to provide the best possible impression and make your lady want more. However, many guys still face with some difficulties in choosing the best clothes for the first date. Below we’ve collected some tips for men on what to wear on the first date to amaze her with ease.

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Men’s Outfit Ideas to Make Her Want More After the First Date

1. Appearance. The most important thing for all the men is having a clean and fresh look. If you don’t want your lady to run away in half an hour, make sure to have a shower and use your deo right before going for a date. Having a bad smell is surely the worst thing for any date. Moreover, don’t forget to wash your hair and make it done. And one more small tip for those, who are new to the dating world: most ladies pay extra attention to guy’s hands and nails. So, you’d better make it clean and accurate.

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2. Avoid choosing your favorite ‘lucky’ jeans. Although you might feel more comfortable wearing old-fashioned and shabby clothes, this look might provide a bad impression to your new crush. The same thing goes not only for jeans, but also for t-shirts, jackets and all the other clothes.

3. Avoid choosing a shirt and tie combination. Dating is not business; so make sure to wear casual clothes for successful first date.

4. Avoid wearing t-shirts with odd pictures, inscriptions and your favorite heroes. Your style should be universal and show that you are self-confident and stylish. Furthermore, your new crush might not share your sense of humor with your funny t-shirt.

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5. Choose good-looking shoes. Shoes are the key to your style. That is why old snickers should be left at home. Make sure your shoes are clean, as well as look new and polished.

6. Wear good underpants, as well as clean socks. Who knows, perhaps you will have sex after the first date. Although chances to have intimacy are not so high, you’ve better get prepared for the hot night.

7. Pay attention to your accessories. The most noticeable accessories are usually your watch and wallet. Ladies often notice the little things, so every detail in your look should be near to perfect. However, forget about your smartphone: calling and texting during the first date is one of the strictest no-no.

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