Tips on What is a Woman’s Biggest Turn On

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There are three aspects if targeted precisely which are universally accepted are what turns women on. They are emotional, physical and sexual. If you could strike the right chords beginning with the first, it would not be long when you find yourself in bed with her.

There is not an iota of doubt that every man would have nothing in his mind than taking a woman to bed at the first chance he would get. The task could be quite daunting and sometimes even impossible if you do not strike the right chord at the right time. Sex is the ultimate goal and if anyone was to say otherwise it would not be a truthful statement. The world to a great extent revolves around sex, it is not only relevant for humans but to animals as well.

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Nature created seasonal sex for animals, hence it has control over the inherent animal population but if it was free sex at any time of the day we would have an animal sex explosion. Fortunately, Nature left that aspect of propagation open to the wiles of humans. This was probably because Nature knew turns on for women not forgetting man could occur at any time and any place.

It is in this context that men would need to know the things that turn women on, whom so ever could master that art, could have any woman he would want cozying up in bed with him. Different women would be susceptible to different forms of approach by a man hence doing it right would be prudent. Before you would end up in bed with a woman there would be an array of foreplay which would have to be gone through. It could take a few seconds, to a few minutes but the process would be quite similar in most cases.

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A one night stand could be the fastest in which you would be enjoying the ultimate with a few seconds of minutes of foreplay. This experience is very much different to the finale which would be joining in copulation to produce an offspring. A offspring could be the final quest for a man and a woman but many a waters would need to flow under the bridge before that happiness is achieved by both.

Eye contact

Before it would come to the stage of a man and a woman joining each other in bed, the first thing that would happen between them could be a woman’s biggest turn on, the eye contact. This is one of the best turns on for women. Subtle eye contact could exude a million words and if you could send a message with an eye contact you would already be at her bedside. The eye could play tricks, it is often said, and without an iota of doubt, it is so when you eye a woman.

The right glance, the right look, the right deepening probe could be your message to her on what your intentions are and it could convey a thousand words and if she reciprocates you could be on a roller coaster ride. You cannot have a woman beside you if you do not look at her. That is the reason we think, that of all the things that turn women on it is eye contact which would stand out quite conspicuously.

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The right look at the right time with the right message would surely win the day and the woman for you. She may be looked at by many around her but it should be your look reserved especially for her that should send the right message. There is no doubt on that score as women like to be looked at and if they don’t they would be best ignored.

If your first eye contact creates a spark in her, there would definitely be a positive response and you would need to nurture the relationship from then on. There should not be a breakdown in the eye contact because it would be imperative that you build on it even after you have both consummated the relationship. The turns on for women do not end within a few days, weeks, months or more. It would be an eternal need as long as they lose interest in sex which is very unlikely to happen. It would be quite an experience to keep the flames within her when you know what turns women on. There is a beginning for everything and it would be those few seconds or minutes which would last a lifetime which we very easily and lightly call love.



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