Top 10 best dating advice for men

dating advice for men

Top 10 best dating advice for men (by a woman)

Dating is often a tricky business. Some options that your former girlfriend liked might be really disappointing for your new crush. However, there are still some secrets that work for all the ladies. How to make sure your date is a success? Below you will find top 10 dating advice for men that remain to be the most important for any girl.

  1. Have a perfect appearance. Being well-shaved, having a tidy hair and a pleasant smell is the easiest, but the most necessary thing for every date. Not to mention, although these old jeans might be lucky, leave them at home and wear something good-looking.
  2. Choose the right place. Make sure to meet at a comfortable place. Furthermore, avoid having dates with different girls at the same restaurant.couple love red white men women
  3. Avoid being late. Do not make your lady wait for you, since many women still find it humiliating. Make sure to have some time in advance!
  4. Be confident. Although you might be really nervous, try not to show it to your date. Most girls like confident and positive guys.
  5. Make her smile. A good sense of humor is your key to success. Furthermore, the appropriate jokes will make you both feel more relaxed.beach love sea
  6. Turn off your phone. Make sure to postpone all important calls. Not to mention, if you look through the newsfeed in your social media during the date, the date with this particular lady is likely to become your last one.
  7. Listen carefully. Avoid talking only about yourself. Otherwise, your conversation will definitely become boring.
  8. Offer to pay. Paying for her on the date is just a kind of chivalry. However, do not be forceful.
  9. Avoid talking about your exes. You have plenty of other great topics for discussion, don’t you? Talking about your former relationship is inappropriate for the first date.
  10. Avoid playing games. On one hand, if you are not going to see her again, just say that you have had a great time and leave. On the other hand, avoid waiting too long for calling your girl in case you really enjoyed the date. The sooner you contact her, the better.

The points in the list of dating advice for men can be countless. All in all, it is vital to have a good look, behave like a real gentleman and take care of your lady during the date to provide her with the best impressions.



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