Top Things Girls Like About Guys

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There are some fundamental things that girls like in guys. It has been traditionally thought that only men are visual beings, but when evolution did not spare the social norms. Even girls have become visual, in all dimensions. However, girls do not apply the common strategy to approach guys. They have their own unique ways on how to attract the right type of guys.

The Things That Girls Like in Guys

The physique
Appearance matters. It gives people an impression of who you are. The masculinity is so attractive. Every girl wants to be associated with a guy possessing some good biceps and abs. A guy with a good physique shows that he knows how to take care of himself. He values his appearance and health. If he can take care of himself, he can definitely take care of a girl.

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Blind loyalty
Every girl wants to be with a guy who has an eye only for her. This not only makes her feel special, but she will also feel respected an appreciated. Girls love competitions, but that is only reserved for fashion, it does not extend to attention for their men.

Every girl is confident of her beauty and charm, but it elevates her ego when she knows that her favorite guy appreciates it all, and doesn’t want more from any other. This type of guy will treat his girl like the queen she is. What else would a girl ask for?

Finding an honest guy is hard. In most cases, guys use deception to win over a girl. A guy will do anything including a friend’s car in order to win a girl, these relationships do not usually last, they die the moment deception is detected. However, there exist a couple of honest guys around the world.
When a guy is honest from the beginning, it creates a sense of trust in her. She knows that when important issues arise, she will be informed. She will be made aware of the things happening in the guy’s life. This involvement gives her a sense of belonging, she belongs to the guy. An honest guy will give a girl an honest opinion. She will not hide it from her when a dress does not look good on her, or when she starts to get chubby.

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A good dresser
Physical attraction does not end at the physical structure, it trickles down to how well a man dresses his body. Men have varied body types, each should learn how to dress their bodies to highlight their sexy features. They should also know how to hide their flaws.

Everyone needs someone they can talk with. Girls are generally talkative. They, therefore, need someone who they can strike and keep a conversation with. If he has a great sense of humor, the better. They can manage to keep long conversations without getting bored with each other.

Financial security
Any girl’s desire is to be with a man who can comfortably take care of her financial bills. A guy with a good salary or a successful business will top the list of the guys they desire. Therefore, every man should be working towards financial stability in order to attract the guys they want

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The Girls’ Strategies on How to Attract the Right Type of Guy

They have an exit strategy
Before making a final decision, it is important for a girl to give the guy a probation period in order to learn his behavior. Therefore, do not commit yourself so much. Leave a room for adjustment or stepping back.

Be the type of person you want to attract.
In relationships, similar characters attract. Therefore it is the duty of a lady to make sure that she possesses the best characters. Train yourself to be honest, this will chase all liars from your life. You will enjoy a deception-free life. Be empathetic, loving and caring. Be concerned about other people’s well beings, only then you will find people who care about you. Always strive to be selfless. If you have never been, start training yourself. Possess every hood character you would love in a man, the man you want will surely walk up to you.

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Compliment him
Just like girls, guys also get flattered by an honest compliment. It will lift their spirit and strength to try even harder. This will trigger a trail of thought about you. If the notices that you compliment him more often, he will surely make a step of getting closer to you.

Possess confidence
Be confident that you deserve a great man, carry yourself to suggest the same, do not blush at advances of men you find unworthy of your attention. Give them a deaf ear in a polite way. When you finally meet the guy, make him know exactly what you expect. This will make even those great men respect you.



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