What Do Women Really Want in a Man

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You have been dating a lady or have just started dating and you don’t know what your woman really wants. This could be quite a challenge as there have been a lot of stereotypes that it is almost impossible to please a woman. This is actually not true as not only is it possible to please a woman but also very easy.

Top Things Women Want From Men


One of the answers to the question of what most women want in a man is protection. A woman wants a man who would be able to protect her. This could easily be traced back to medieval times. There were a lot of cultures where men had to wrestle or battle for women and the stronger men were given the women. This is because apart from getting married to the woman, there are chances that very soon, children will come into the equation. Women want a man that can protect them as well as their children.

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A woman will also want a man that will be able to provide leadership for the home. She wants someone with a vision and with the ability to create a direction for the family and what to do to keep them in that direction. A lot of couples face problems because the woman does not see that leadership ability in the man. Once you are able to show that you can lead, a woman would most likely, naturally follow your leading lovingly.


A woman wants a man that would be loyal to her. She doesn’t want a man who flirts about with other ladies. She also wants a man who would be able to make out time for her, no matter his work schedule. She will respect and love you more if you can balance your work and home without hurting any.

4.Listening Ears

Sometimes, a woman just loves to ramble about everything and about nothing. If you try to comment or give replies, you will be breaking her speech and it might irritate her. You should learn to be able to observe when she just wants to talk and pour out her mind. During this period, all that is expected of you is to stay quiet and listen. This is much simpler than trying to give answers. Just make sure you don’t sleep off.

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A woman wants a romantic man. She would love a man that won’t mind the right quantity of public display of affection, who can take her out, who can read her romantic gestures and who can give romantic gestures. She would want a man who can satisfy her in the room. Usually, this is the only part of the relationship that you would not want her to get help from other guys for any reason. Thus, be sure to satisfy her.


A woman loves a man who is presentable. One of the things that attract women to a man is how he dresses. They don’t have to be expensive. They just have to be clean, be well matched, be right for the occasion and your friendly smile. The wrong expensive shoe type with the wrong expensive shirt type with the wrong color belt type could easily turn off most ladies.


A woman wants a man who is going to care for her. The man should be there for her when she needs him. He should be able to take her to the hospital when she is ill, attend ante-natal classes with her and be able to choose clothes for kids when she asks him to.

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A woman wants a man who talks. You should be able to tell her about your plans, about how your day went and about the problems you are going through. When you ask how her day went, she probably goes on to tell you all the details, even though you would have preferred a yes or no answer. If you are really interested in her happiness and want to do what she wants, you should also be able to tell her in details how your day went even though you would have preferred to give a yes or no answer.


A woman wants a sensitive man. A man that can notice when she is ill, without her saying she is ill. She wants a man that can remember her birthday without a reminder from her. Trust me this birthday issue has led to the end of a lot of relationships. Remember your wedding day and plan surprises for her. This is another of the answer to the question What women really want in a man.


A woman wants a man that can support her decisions in terms of advice, encouragement and financially among others. When she really wants something, as long as it is not something wrong nor is it hurting anybody, support her and help her achieve it.

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11.Excitement and Adventure

A boring relationship could make a woman lose interest in her partner. Always look for fun things to do to make your relationship more exciting and adventurous. Play games, go on dates, surprise her with gifts, call get together with friends and go on vacation among others.


A woman also wants money from her man. It is believed that women that are very rich just love to get money from their husband, no matter how small it is. It is also expected that you should be able to provide for your family as a man as whatever she makes should just be to support and not to become the main.

What women really want in a man is just to be able to be the man of the house. Thus, they should be able to lead, support and provide without being insensitive or being all too serious at every time.



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